41 Handy Pony - Michael Walker

Today's theme made drawomg Lyra as 'handy' pony using a tool to make that happen an excellent choice for this picture for me! Just a sketch today though. This is an example of what I'll be doing on those days I arrive home late (sports training) and it's not Friday/weekend time. Expect others to be coloured, but I think the greyscale also gives it more of a mood than lazy actual colours would have done.
42 Pony Tools - Gibbontake

43 Hands - Belgian

This time some basic sillyness. No shades and basic coloring. Not really proud of it, but hey, it's something.
44 Lyra, don't you dare make that joke! - ImpCJCaesar

Lyra is a silly handy pony.
45 Hammer - Pixernosse (Previously known as Mary)

I don't use colour guides, so the colours are based on my memory.
46 Just a Science Project - Keonho Kim

47 Corsair - Fuzzyhead12

well a f4u, 6 cal 50 brownings, notm uch more to say to it
48 Trixie the Tap dancer - Michael

I wonder if i'm the first person to draw Female Anthro Tap dancing ponies? Anyways i hope this pic is Dapper enough for this.
49 Scootaloo with a hammer - Transparent Pony

Unfinished because no time :(
50 Special talent...? - Jonathan Findlay

I don't think I did too hot on this one, but at least it was fun to draw.
51 Handy pony - DrGuthrie

52 Woodie is Best Pony - Leone Legender

No one is handier than Woodie using an axe.
53 Is Big Macintosh the best workhorse? Eeyup! - Liesbeth Veugen

54 Breakfast time - NATGIII day 4 - Whatsapokemon

Spike can be used as a tool, right? Now, who wants some eggs? Drawn for the NATGIII day 4, the theme being "Draw a pony using a tool/Draw a handy pony!"
55 Tools of the Trade - UnBronySenor

Today the topic was "Draw a pony using a tool OR Draw a handy pony." More options, yay! I know, I know, the term "handy" practically begs a Lyra/human drawing, but I elected for cute rather than punny, okay? Okay.
56 Ah can fix it! - DAbestpony

57 One Gullible Pony - ChibiDashie

Based off a true story. My sister's steamer broke because she didn't use distilled water, so she looked on the internet on how to fix it. Some guy said "Hit it with a hammer" and guess what? She did. The poor steamer broke even more and she then had to throw it out.
58 Derpin' yo' fridges - Elppajack

59 Most Lethal Princess - MyriadOfFailure

Twilight is clearly the most dangerous pony in the whole of Equestria - her overflowing enthusiasm and copious amount of magic are completely disaster prone!
60 Twilight VS Technology - Cloudy

Come on, we all know there are going to be many drawings with Twilight! ... I hope.
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