61 Whut a tarnation - Chrisgotjar

The first thing I thought of when reading the theme were the tools on Paint Tool Sai. So I just rolled with it.
62 Pinkie using the Physgun Tool. - Anne Mayra

I hope this counts as a tool! Twilight: . . . Pinkie: You're so silly, Twilight!
63 Twilight Being Handy - Mari Delarock

It was supposed to be a glove on her hoof.
64 Rye harvest - Tomixander

65 Handy Maney Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

I thought to myself "who's the handiest pony of all?" Certainly there are construction worker ponies, and Lyra may or may not have an unhealthy fascination with hands, but I felt that I should do something different. Since ponies don't actually HAVE hands, I decided to do a fingerpaint of Handy Manny as a pony. I am also not certain if the "mane" puns will ever end.
66 a saw for you - Dracorider644

67 Scribble scribble scribble - Lexislynx

68 I got mah cutie mark! - Stine

Apple Bloom finally got her cutie mark! Her special talent is fixing thing, but her cm may give the wrong message. A hammer who is hammering an apple? Eyuup, hammer all the apples! XD What a destiny!
69 #1 Assistant - TLATopHat

(Bonus internets to anyone who can read the title)
70 [INSERT HAND PUN HERE] - DrHotelMario

I'm betting 50% of these entries will have Lyra in them.
71 Oddities of a Professor - boyindahaus

"Useless? What do you mean useless? This abacus helped me pass my quizzes when I was a kid, don't ever let me catch you saying it's useless ever again! sure it may be a bit old and technologically inferior but it still does the job! You kids are too lazy to even appreciate this tool, don't you know this is the first computer in the history of ponykind? For us to have evolved into your computers, this should be a reminder for us ponies that we shouldn't forget the basics. It is the progenitor of everything we know and will know until the end of Luna's regime!"
72 Big Macintosh - megahgirl

73 Tarby - Raedrob

74 NATG 2013 - Day 4: Apple Fritter - Daniel "Dr. Tails" Martinsson

75 F*yay yeah! Anemometers! - dawn sparkle

Anemometers are a tool, right?
76 Hammer Jack (get it? Jackhammer... yeah that was awful) - Torx

77 Red Ring of Death - Tech Burst

I never was able to fix it :(
78 Artist Training Ground Day 04 - GraphicLee

The tool, if you aren't already familiar with it, is 3D maneuvering gear from the anime/manga "Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin." That's counts as a tool I'm pretty sure.
79 Prepare to get fixed - ATG Day 4 - Ryojo

Trying new style. Feedback is appreciated.
80 The Hands Resist Her - CosmicWaltz

When I read "handy", all I could think of was Lyra, and then this painting > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hands_Resist_Him A match made in... well, likely not heaven. XD
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