81 - AkkiV

82 Newbie Artist Training Grounds3 Day 4: Apple Bloom - TheBaraclough

For those of you who can't tell what the box is supposed to be, it's a box of nails. Just might be hard to tell because the print on the side of the box might be too small to tell and it barely looks like one >.>. I decided to outline most everything with a pen because the show style of the borders being a different color just hasn't been showing up too well with colored pencils. Hopefully onwards to better art!
83 Obligatory Lyra Joke - klystron2010

84 For Warmth - UnlicensedBrony

Trixie uses her handy survival skills to make a campfire! And two, perfectly shaped logs for sitting on... Magic!
85 Raked - Legeden

Always stay vigilant the moment you look away the deadly Rake strikes upon it's unsuspecting prey.
86 Handyman -er- mare - Mythicsteed

My pen is unforgiving. Need a replacement as it snags a little on the paper. Well handypony - tools all leads to Lyra in my books. Here she is playing about with a steam pipe. Hair (mane/tail) is something Im going to have to work on. Tried for a 3/4 pose this time. Think I need to play about with some of the facial expression practice sheets. Who knows, perhaps a future challenge will be somesort of facial style . . .
87 Artist Training Grounds - Day 4 - Derpiliciouspony

88 Newbie Artist Training Grounds III Day 4 - Lunar

89 EQD Training Grounds Day 04 - Blayaden

New series! Gunpla Builders: Pony Edition! Watch them use highly advanced modeling techniques to take a standard HGUC Zeta Gundam into a pile of pancakes! With SYRUP! :D
90 Sonic Muffin - Wolfen

What exactly is she trying to do? Your guess is as good as mine!
91 Samurai Fluttershy - Daniel Woolgar

Sorry, failed to delete the last one.
92 just some Lyra - Angelia

93 Hyperrealism Pen - Fatty Pie

This particular pony's creates larger than life hyper realism drawings using an ink pen...
94 ATG Day4 - Toaster Repairpony - James

The Stable Dweller disassembles an object for repairs during her free time. Trying something new, I spent far too much time trying to make Littlepips muzzle not look weird at this angle, not sure I succeeded or not. Also, I don't know if there's one in this location, but that's a Sparkle-Cola vendor in the back.
95 Day 4 - M.A Roy

robot sweetie bell making another robot with tools, i think i let my imagination run a bit wild...
96 - Madcrafter

97 The Craftspony BVR10 - EQD ATG III: Day 04 - stuhp

Flintstones~ Meet the Flintstones~
98 Lyra Heartstrings - YouReadNames

Because "handy pony" and Lyra and HAHAAAHHHAHAH SO CLEVER
99 A Handy Tool - SevooHypreD

What Lyra without hands?!
100 NATG3 Day 4- Sibsy - NT Seven Four

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