121 Pinkie Pie vs. SAI - Arkhivez

Drew Pinkie Pie using my Wacom tablet pen. I didn't have time to add any color, unfort---WHAT IN THE WORLD??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :O
122 Hammer Hoof - Masem

Based on a practical pony tool idea from KinkyTurtle here : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10021203/
123 Pony of steamworks and giant wrenches - elekk

I'm tardy! (\\@,@//) So have an owl and rough colored sketch. It's better than nothing, right? This pony is ready to wrench some nuts.
124 Phony Pony - Tobibrocki

I need to explain this a little for it to make some sense, it's a interpretation from a german point of view, you see, in germany instead of calling a Mobilephone just that (or Cellphone, or a Smartphone), we often tend to call it a "Handy". And since the topic was draw a "Handy" Pony, that's exactly what I did! ;)
125 ATG Day IV - JJ Chance

126 Townsfolk - Vila

i combined yesterdays challenge and todays. They are all wearing different uniforms. and the stallion in the bakcground is brushing his mane
127 Handy Lyra - Ryan

This counts as handy... right?
128 Fix it Applejack - Jag

129 Fixin' the Roof - Xonxt

Just Apple Bloom fixing the roof of the tree house, oblivious to her obvious talent.
130 Pony Techpriest - Silverwisp

131 OC pony Cinnapie with a hammer - Kyoko Krash

So, here I tried to draw my husband as a pony. He works at a pizza place, hence the pizza cutie mark. I'll call him Cinnapie. This one only took an hour and a half. I didn't know if I'd have time to do anything more complicated, but I like the way it turned out...the right hand corner is supposed to be my last name in Chinese, but my scanner didn't pick it up. Oh well, have a wonderful day!
132 Morning Light - Ingratate

I didn't feel like drawing.
133 Trixie using a tool of war (probably on vegetables) - Mister Twister

Another one I am actually proud of.
134 A Tool of Art - Parmesan

It's there. Held with magic. Based on Norman Rockwell's Triple Self Portrait. Took 6 hours, due to the same crappy eraser.
135 Derpy the Builder - BronyYaBish

I saw the bronycon 2013 video on youtube for how to draw ponies, the guy talked about construction drawing and it seems for me that it improved how my ponies come out when I draw them
136 Bluebell's Honey Blueberry Muffins - Onlysecondplace's sister

My sisters entry for today
137 Ready to Paint - Bananizen

paintbrushes counts as tools,right? a bit lazy today so just a pencil sketch.
138 Handy Tool - Onlysecondplace

My entry for today
139 Applejack Engineer - SolarSpark

140 Party Cannon is Best Tool - Jann

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