201 Phoe Sleeping - petite-dreamer

Don't forget to rest during this madness, Phoe! Visit dreamland, take your sheep! (sheep sheep sheep)
202 Hamlet Pony - Bryan Briggs

I guess the way today's post was worded just made me think of Shakespeare... this is the result
203 Gilda Resting - SAHikari

Nothing too witty about this one. I was in the middle of drawing princess Luna lying about what she did for a thousand years while on the moon, then I realized I forgot that is was about a pony LAYING DOWN.... Sooo here's Gilda.
204 Sleepy pie. - Lomeo

Here we go, this time it's a proper drawing.
205 Almost School - ZekeroX Blade

206 Dash - AaronMk

"I had another idea for this prompt about ponies laying around. But someone beat me to it. So have Rainbow Dash."
207 Comet Kicker - Thanqol

208 Sleepy Woona - Emberstar11

209 By The Pond - Noah White

Fluttershy by a pond. What more could you want? :D
210 Scientific Stargazing Slumber Party - chaosmalefic

5:30 am
211 Lyra and Bon Bon on a Bench - pancake_soup

212 "I'm fine," Said the Doctor... - Amber Flicker

He's not fine.... so he's lying! Day 7... How nice. I'm sure everyone else will do this too, but I enjoyed making it anyway...
213 That's my DJ pony with a baby pony laying in a carriage - Kyoko Krash

.My husband drew this, he doesn't even watch the show but he likes the Gala song, so he tells me to play the remix of it that I have and he drew this. He named the pony "That's my DJ".Have a wonderful day!
214 Lurking Danger - Jezendar

215 Long day - Solomon Han

Ssshhhh, she's asleep.
216 Sleepy Times - Kevin

I tried some perspective and ya know it actually turned out well.
217 Solomon Han - Solomon Han

A pony drawing.
218 Snoozin - Quagspoo

No wonder she didn't show up today....
219 Juggling Pony - Laurent

Hi ! I know I'm not very good at drawing, but I wanted to participate anyway ! I draw that one, then scanned it and modified it with paint. I'm from Moorea, an island near Tahiti, French Polynesia, so yep there's bronies even in the middle of the pacific ocean. Keep up the good work with Equestria Daily !
220 Freakin' Fairies |:< - Kyouhen

"You promised fun and games not booby traps! D:<" And here I was worried today's theme would make it difficult for the fairies to trick Pinkie. :P
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