341 Fluttershy - Tinskin

342 Spa Day - LuigiSonic57

When Rarity met the Wanderer, she recognized immediately a pony who desperately needed a trip to the spa. That, and Fluttershy had to cancel on short notice and she wanted company. The Wanderer's having a good time, though. This one came out kinda ecch. I tried drawing in a little different style, and it worked out ok. I'll try again tomorrow or something. Oh, and this is also going to explain why the Wanderer's getting a slight redesign. She's a bit plain right now and her hair is pretty much just a mix between Derpy and Applejack.
343 applejack - Anotni

i'm a slacker, i finished this right before the deadline so i did not get a chance to color it (yet) i'm sorry
344 Knockout! - UnBronySenor

It seems that Fluttershy has laid Rainbow Dash out on the mat, which is close enough.
345 Laying Down... Laying Up? - James Dijit

346 Observation - FaeIzumine

347 - Crysm

348 Poker Face - sixhorsepower

349 applejack - Anotni

i'm not sure if leaning up against a tree constitutes as laying down, but i like this picture so the the hay
350 Sleep - Frith

If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. After so many very late nights drawing, I had to take a nap before doing this one. I chose something simple so it could be done fast, or so I hoped. Three hours is not fast. My reference was Twilight right before she woke up in the opening scene in Winter Wrap Up. I added in the pillow. 8B pencil on paper.
351 Fluttersleep - Hopscotch007

I gotta stop leaving these so late! This one was a lot harder than I thought it would be, oh well, something about pain and gain. Thanks Phoe and Cal for the week that was!
352 Pinkiedash is best ship - delQuponT

Title is indisputable!
353 Over 1000 Years... - RedCelt

354 That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! - Sam Sage

355 Fancy a drink? - Flashiest Lightning

356 Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Bed Bite - Solist

Her parents were right. There is no monster under the bed.
357 T.K.O. - Alcafuffle DMS

Don't Piss off Lyra.
358 Good book? - Shodscroll

Nothing like curling up with a blanket and falling asleep with a book.
359 Pinkie Pillow - Silveredchaos

35 mins to draw. Slightly edited with Gimp
360 Royal Archivist/Jade Singer - DeltsDash

People who read the Twilight Micro series will know what I am talking about. I decided to draw the Royal Archivist, aka Jade singer, for this because in the beginning of the comic she was lying about who she was but in the end she told the truth.
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