41 Tired Rainbow - Kim

42 Sleep In - Callmemitch

The first night I've completely forgotten about submitting, good thing my friend reminded me. Was kinda looking for an easy idea with this one, I want to lay down myself. At least I drew half a pony, and it didn't come out too bad.
43 Not Drawn in Draw Something 2 - DAbestpony

Yup. Totally not drawn in that app.
44 Lyyyra - Meridas

45 Falsity - Michael Walker

This was originally going to be a pony lying to another pony on a lower ledge or something (so they'd be lying 'down'), but since it was 'laying', that wouldn't have counted (not that they would reject it, but still). Also, no background, but I put a bit more time in to the shading this time! That is thanks to (as I said in the sketch one) another Deviant (check out the page) offering to help out and drew the lines based off a sketch I sent to him. WOO! Made it a whole week through this thing! YUS! Good luck Everypony!
46 I can't do this anymore... - Agreenbrick

47 Watermelon Pie - Irvin Durana

48 NATG 2013 - Day 7: Button's mom - Daniel "Dr. Tails" Martinsson

49 ...Like a Rug - DrHotelMario

I really hope that I was the only one who thought of this...
50 EQD Training Grounds Day 07 - Blayaden

A lying pony and a lying pony. My work here is done... until tomorrow! ^_^;
51 The Lying Rainbow - Chrisgotjar

52 It's About Time I Drew Twilight - TheBaraclough

Twilight is my favorite pony so I was kind of amazed I haven't drawn her until now. But anyway I'm proud of this because I haven't drawn anything like this pose yet and I wasn't trying to directly copy a screenshot or anything. It's a zoomed in frame from It's About Time so it was good practice to try and adjust the proportions correctly. Despite it not being perfect it's probably among my best and I think I did alright with the shadows which I haven't attempted before. One week down and I'm amazed I've kept up with this event so far when I didn't think I'd do anything beyond a few days with gaps in between them. Best of all I've actually had fun with this and I'd like to think I've improved a lot. Thanks for creating this event and thanks to any of you who have commented or enjoyed my work. Onwards to more art and hopefully improvement!
53 Wake up! - Cloudy

I. Hate. Mornings. So, here is me, instead of RD... who I was originally going for... Hehe. xD
54 Cloud Pillow - BerylliumPone

Haha! I was early today! Plus, this thing only took me 30-45 minutes! :D I bet everyone and their dog chose RD for this prompt, but whatever.
55 Fluttershy Lying Down - Ffion Thomas

Because lying down is cute, apparently.
56 Artist Training Ground Day 07 - GraphicLee

57 Snuggle Buddies - Kann

Snuggling ponies! ^^
58 Comfort zone - Picanthro

Atg day 7
59 Twilight Sleeping - sakatagintoki117

60 Sleeping Fluttershy - WerdKcub

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