121 Lying Apple - general mexico

122 Nap - Cobalt Dawn

123 problematic improbable possibilities of sleep - hgbguy

there are a couple of things i wish i could correct like a mess up on the hair and other things other than that I'm actually quite chuffed with myself here. don't ask what it is cause i have no idea myself
124 Laying down - elekk

It's too much humanlike @,@ mah eyes burning. Tomorrow I'm gonna rip off my crab claws and find a couple of normal hands.
125 3rd EQD ATG Day 7 - Frostspear

"Just call me 'Serious'. What's your name?" "King Som-... I mean Kingsley Glittersmile... Sparkle... Friend." "Really? That's what you went with?" "The Sparklefriends are a proud family! Grandpa Glittersmile was a very accomplished stallion!" I had some difficulty with this prompt. The only scene of interest I could come up with was Kingsley Sparklefriend in the crossover between Ask King Sombra and Ask Serious Rainbow so I thought that I might as well go ahead and advertise the pair of them. I'd recommend checking each of them out if one has not done so yet.
126 "Now I know that's a lie!" - GroundedPegasus

So yeah, we're a week in now and I've already missed 2 drawings - not the greatest start! Oh well, that's what the catch-up galleries are for!
127 Not a boulder - Cheezsnax

128 Does Rarity know French? - Parmesan

I think she does at least. I'm proud of this one, mostly since it looks nice. Took around 4 hours start to end on paint.net. And yes, she is not only lying down, but lying over the phone. She just wanted some time off.
129 Derpy laying on a pile of muffins - Kyoko Krash

Here"s Derpy laying on a pile of muffins. I couldn't get her color exactly right though. This one took an hour. Have a wonderful day!
130 Derpy laying down - BronyYaBish

131 NATG III day 7 - Steady Prism

132 NATG3 Day 7 - Derpy - NT Seven Four

I'm getting better :)
133 Exaustion - Rad-man

Had only 20 minutes to draw and submit, busy day. I wish Art Academy Sketchpad allowed for some type of cropping. I guess they're shooting for realism though.
134 Adorable little visitor? - Laurarola

That Parasprite looks kinda thirsty...
135 Day 7 - Diego Havoc

136 Day 7 - Imsya

OC BonBon Rose
137 The Talk - Yoshimon1

AJ: "That's the best you could think of?" - Dash: "But that's how it works, isn't it? I heard my parents talk about the explosions in their bedro..." - Rarity: "Stop talking! Please! Just stop!" --- They should have just asked Twilight... --- I was going to vector this, but I didn't have any time today. Oh well, more doodles for you... --- As much as I love MS Paint's crayon brush for these little doodles, its lack of layers and some basic actions is a bit annoying... --- 1.5 hours. Made in MS Paint.
138 gibbontake laying down - PinkiePieFiesta

139 RD and Scootaloo - JJ Chance

140 Sisterly Teasing - ThalkorthePyromaniac

Princess Celestia teasing her beloved sister with a delicious moon pie. :3
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