221 Monsters and Mazes - Last Minute

222 Derpahkiin - Mortris

I apologize if this was accidentally submitted more than once.
223 Quarters Up - The Skullivan

224 - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

If anyone likes this, which I doubt, please check my gallery. ' u '
225 Just one More... - Blurredthelines

Gah, I cannot freehand straight lines :/
226 PonyFlea Plays - HumanFlea

227 Beating a cripple - Xulious

Fluttershy beating a crippled Rainbow Dash in a hoof-race and laughing at her defeat... I'm a happy person :)
228 PonyMon! - PJRandall

Made in Art Academy for 3DS. All of my submissions have been made in different programs or mediums thus far. I've really been trying a lot of new things! Here is my OC, playing a true classic: PonyMon Blue for the Game Boy. Rapidash is his favorite.
229 Button Mash on a Arcade Machine - pancake_soup

Too bad the colours didn't come out right on the scanning, :(
230 Twilight Plays Fighting Games - Mike

Twi plays fighting games, and keeps getting crossed up....even though she swears to god she was blocking low (Sorry this was drawn quickly, so it's not as good as my other drawings)
231 Spiffy Plays Something Spiffy - Flippy

232 Get Your A-Game On! - Zanefir-Dran

Princess of the Lunar Republic Luna VS Button "My Mom Grounded Me" Mash | New VS Old | Who will win in this epic battle of fate?
233 I Just Don't Know What Went Pong - Canvas Painter

"Hey Doctor, what's this?" Derpy stated as she pointed to a darkened box. "Ohhh..that's the universal video game generator. It can run just about any video game made until 7856...I still need to update the old thing." The stallion chirped as he rummaged through old photo albums. "Can I play it?" "Yeah, just tap it and it'll pick a game for ya." Derpy proceeded to knock on the grey box, causing the screen to flicker into the waking world. It then began to beep and boop, displaying a rather classic game on its screen. "Would you look at that, its Pong!" "Pawhatnow?" "Pong! One of the first video games ever. Funny the machine pick that one for you..."
234 The Gaming Ponies Take Charge - Nemo

Figured I would try to redeem myself with something a bit more dramatic from the last challenge we had.
235 HIGH SCORE - Reagasus

Bonus points if you recognize the reference! HIGH SCORE if you get the hidden message!
236 Luna is Thinking With Portals - Tek

Luna is now Thinking with Portals. We now know how luna found a way off the moon. Outline done in black pen. colored with colored pencils. Not my best. I rushed this one too much, But so far eight straight days of pony art. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
237 Circuit Mane finds a Crystal of Elemental Power - Circuit Mane

238 Luna Wins - Arkhivez

Luna wins a game of chess against her sister. Huzzah!
239 Game Night - Thraten

"Relax, Rainbow, it's not that bad!" "Not that bad? I've been stuck in 'Molasses Swamp' for fifteen turns, Twilight. FIFTEEN TURNS."
240 Get Set - Norque

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