341 Trixie Demands ANOTHER Duel! - BlackoakShield

There are awards given out for sitting your butt in a chair for hours on end to crank out 3D models, right? Anyways, I got carried away (again) with my plans for this entry tonight. I was going to make all kind of cool little details and change stuff up from my norm, like trying out some different render settings in Blender. Alas, 'twas not to be. Still had fun with making Trixie and a new Twilight model, along with Battleship. Ah, memories...
342 Fus Ro Yay! - NinjaEngie

More games for Luna
343 The Ninjas Play a Game of GO - NinjaShade

Well, another super rushed one. But I'm hanging in there! 7/8 so far. The ninjas "enjoy" a nice game of GO.
344 At the Arcade - Burnt Circuit

This took me all day to finish, but it was worth it.
345 Twilight Sparkle's First Race - FlutterLove

346 ATG III day 8 - James

347 Clear Winner - Roxor128

Rainbow Dash: "Whoa. Pinkie Pie's a lean, mean, pie-eating machine." Twilight: "She hasn't been lean for hours now."
348 Twin-stick hooves - Zookz

Okay, the text is most likely nonsense to everyone, but these training ground drawings are partly for me to doodle up nonsense for fun. :D
349 Redlight-Greenlight - Siskiy

I had to do this sketch in 5 minutes because I forgot! So it's kind of bad
350 Why can't I hold all these cards? - Alexander Diogo

351 b-but - jach marsdonpone

352 - Crysm

Tonight was D&D night for me, so the theme lead to this obvious conclusion.
353 Derp to the Past WIP - Hopscotch007

Outta time, 1 minute left. I plan to colour it in the makeup week.
354 NATGIII: Day 8 - FPS Pony - 115Predator

#308 "Draw a pony playing a game/Draw a pony winning!" I used the model of the AN-94 from Battlefield 3 and the map setting Bloc from COD4.
355 Healing Wave And The Pesky Pop-Ups - Lucky Thunderlane

thank celestia for the extension ad-blocker for google chrome! :D
356 Pony Games - Blueclaws

Ran out of time... stupid work. Game of Thrones style :)
357 Pony Poker Night. - QuicksilverGuard

Pinkie: you activate my trap card! Twilight: for the last time, this is poker!
358 Colored version - Bootsy Coltins

359 I AM MEGAMARE X - DarkFlame

360 Kick the Can - HalflingPony

Pinkie teaching her sisters more about how to have fun. Kick the can seems like the kind of game one would play on a rock farm.
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