81 The First of Many - Sleethoof

Kinda virtual reality-ing it here. The game is Toontown Online, which is closing in a few weeks, and was the first MMO I ever played.
82 World of Tank - Masem

83 Slick & Stealthy - CheezSnax

84 Game of cards - Jag

85 pinkamenas solitare - Steven

if only I felt like it
86 Playing Fetch - Bananizen

Not happy about todays entry, but it'll have to do.
87 Multiplayer - AbysmalAegis

Sometimes games are just that much more when you have friends to play them with.
88 Vinyl Scratch playing Guitar Hero - Kyoko Krash

I love guitar hero & I've been wanting to draw Vinyl Scratch. I know she's a DJ, but DJ's can play guitar hero if they want to. I really enjoyed doing this one, I think it took me an hour and a half, not sure, but either I'm getting better & faster at drawing ponies or I'm just not putting as much effort in to them. I'm not sure which. Anyway, comments are greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful day!
89 Yahtzee isn't even played with cards, silly - Felicia

Okay, so the idea was that Pinkie and Rainbow are playing cards at a public game house - kind of like a bar, but with no drinks, just games for ponies to play (cards, board games, what have you). My first attempt at: jumping pony, sitting pony (HOW DO YOU GUYS DO IT ;_;), annoyed pony. Can you spot all the jokes on the Rules scroll? xD
90 Pony Party Sketch - BerylliumPone

Ponies playing Mario Party. Just a sketch out of lack of time! (I should be working on other things...)
91 DM's Bane - Tinker

Not too thrilled with the guy in the middle. Should have used a reference for that perspective.
92 Artist_training_ground-day8 - Travis Templeton

93 Sunshine Sunshine - Moggflunky

94 Button Mash at the arcade - GroundedPegasus

Life sure is full of surprises! As soon as I read today's prompt I knew I wanted to draw Button Mash, and I decided to draw him playing an arcade machine. I decided to have a look at the clip from Hearts and Hooves Day of the "too young" pony playing an arcade machine to get the pose right, and to my surprise it's Button! I didn't recognise him when I watched Button's Adventures and I honestly thought he was an original character! Overall I'm really pleased with how this picture turned out - especially the intense look of concentration on his face!
95 Cadance's bll in a cup - xenomorphpinkie

O no! The ball fell out of the cup. Wait that's alright its attached to a string attached to the cup:3
96 - Cobalt Dawn

Sorry about the tiny image size. I'm new to this 8-bit thing
97 Royal Belching Contest - klystron2010

Animated (slightly).
98 Prankster Payback - EQD ATG III: Day 08 - stuhp

In which I practice continuity :D
99 Pinkie Pie playing a game - Tom0147

I had a lot of fun making this and next time I'm going to do some shading. No energy today...
100 Day 08 - Rol Night - Alloco

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