121 The Pawns Will Prevail - Cocodrillo

122 Fus Ro Dah - Kesserca

This time i decided to learn a bit about perspectives i did not too bad i think. Feel free to comment! /)
123 Makeshift Rage - Xain Russell

124 Connect Four - Rebecca

The most intense game ever.
125 The Ultimate Reward - Paige

"The Ultimate Reward is what awaits players who have successfully won a session of Sburb. After the necessary actions for winning have been performed, a victory platform appears near Skaia. This platform features a large version of the Sburb logo with a door on it; the door serves as an entrance into the new universe the players have created." -Homestuck wiki
126 Gamer Celestia - MonoJelly

She's playing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Because bananas.
127 Playing Video Game - Mally Azure

Super quick and dirty cuz its 1 am and I'm at a convention and being super super tired, so its better than submitting nothing at all!
128 Mills - dredaich

129 Button Mash vs Button's Mom - SolarSpark

Button Mash's pride takes a hit when he is beat at his own video game by his mother!
130 Pyrrhic Victory - Kitmehsu

131 Sore Winner - Xonxt

Button Mash and Gamer Luna
132 Checkmate - Shiki-pon

133 Boxing is a game - Gibbontake

134 Applebloom sucks at Trivial Pursuit - Gibbontake

135 Why are you so good in this game Pinkie pie? - Errorpony

Silly videogame reference in a crappy drawing
136 Luna presents the prize - Mythicsteed

Princess Luna presenting an award to everypony for completing the 2013 Day 8 Challenge :). Drawing Luna was a load of fun. So many stock images of her to work with. I am genuinely happy with the way it came out. Will have to dig out a tablet and move away from the gel pen as inking in is a touch unforgiving.
137 Rainbow Dash is WINNING - R.D.

138 Family Game Night - Wandering Physicist

Just an average game night when the siblings get together. Somepony messes up. Satsuma blames Starlight Starlight blames Helios. Helios blames Satsuma. So much brotherly love. Good thing Rei and Alba are on hoof to keep them in line.
139 Congratulations, losers!!1! - Northern V. Cross

Nopony wins The Game.
140 ...And It's Fleetfoot by a Nose - Cerulean Draw

When you get that rush of victory, it can feel like there's no one else in the universe but you. And that's my excuse for not drawing any of the other ponies.
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