141 MVM Scout - ChiraChan

Planning to add more Characters to complete me and my friends' MVM team in the finished version... if I don't loose motivation to finish it.
142 Why did it have to be snakes? - Stratosfire

143 looks like I'm winning - Angelia

144 All I do is Win - Ye Ting Wang

and everytime I step up in the building, everybody's hands go up (All I Do is Win) (go YouTube it)
145 Satisfying Your Inner Foal - Melon Hunter

Nothing like indulging in a childhood pleasure, eh? I can't imagine Pinkie easily resisting the lure of a hopscotch course when she passes.
146 Luna Old School Gamer - Jeremy Bensing

Luna decided to take a break and play some Atari.
147 November is Coming - MrTophats

a "GAME" of Thrones? HA! You want pics that only kinda adhere to the prompt? I got em!
148 The Dream Team - AbysmalAegis

Makin' it rainbow. They don't even have to play to be winning.
149 RD- Finish Line - Emi

150 Scissors, Paper, Tom - Parmesan

This brings up the question of how ponies make quick decisions. Do they flip a bit? How would they flip a bit with no magic? Staring contest? Scrunch battle? Who knows... Anyway, this took 2 to 3 hours in paint.net, and I had meant to shade, but I think it's fine without.
151 gamer rage - Dawn

Them pulls, every time >:l
152 Is pinkie winning enough for ya? (ANIMATION, CLICK LINK '3') - Yooyfull

So yeah, it's an animation (sorry for the messyness) and I can't post that as a thumbnail or anything so please use the url link ;<
153 Did you know checkers are considered national sport in changelingland? - S-Guide

Why would Rainbow Dash ever play checkers with the Changeling Queen? She wouldn't. Because checkers are for eggheads. Hardcore pros enjoy hardcore entertainment -- like hoofwrestling. Yeah! (My bet is actually for Chrysalis -- she managed to beat down that big alicorn chick once.)
154 Pinkie, Dash, and the Subway Contest - kits

This is not an edit. So y'all can rest easy about that.
155 Sleight of hoof - Abyssal Emissary

Good luck and have fun, Apple. Try as hard as we do here. You can do this! (And when you finished, go find your freckles...)
156 Rainbow DERP Sketch - Airtower

Feather has been doing these cute chibi pony like things she calls "DERP sketches" for a while. I had only a simple idea for today’s topic, and decided to add a challenge by trying to imitate that style. Please see the picture page on my blog for links to her work!
157 Race for the Finish! - Jake McDaniel

158 Ship it like FedEx - Gloaming

If you're wondering how this is supposed to fit the theme -> http://www.fimfiction.net/story/28239/the-life-and-times-of-a-winning-pony The background is taken from this guy here: http://boneswolbach.deviantart.com/art/Apple-Family-Den-310654865
159 The Pony Who is in Greyscale - MalWinters

160 Sweetie Belle and Button Mash - WolfyOmega

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