1 Sleepy Fluttershy - Briar

2 Phbbbt - Burnt Circuit

Why are you here Fluffle Puff, go be some other ponies hair.
3 Amethyst Dawn Sleeps on a Cloud - Rebecca

4 Day 7 Submission: No Good Dreams - Frimaire Froid

I had this mostly finished, but unfortunately I slept over at a friend's house and was, therefore, unable to submit it. (If this sounds like an excuse, that's 'cause it totally is.)
5 Far Out Dude - Matt

This picture was made for newbie training grounds day 1. I did not draw this the artist that did wished to remain anonymous.
6 Sketch176192514 - Nadnerb

So, like it says in the title, this was going to be my day 1 submission, but I started it almost a full day late. I haven't touched it since then, but at some point I'll redo the earth and unscrap it.
7 What's she looking at? - FrostyEchidna

Make up piece 1/2 :D
8 The Journey - Corralfur

This is for Day 2
9 Day 9 - Lunchwere

10 Flicker - a[placeholder(pony)]

11 Long Way From Home - a[placeholder(pony)]

12 Never Too Early For Tug Of War - a[placeholder(pony)]

This one was an experiment in perspective and posing, and there are definitely errors with both. Maybe I will try to redo this one when the ATG finishes.
13 Dinky and derpy - FrostyEchidna

For artist training ground day 2. Derpy and dinky on a journy/walk. Was tired near the end, so I missed a few spots in the tail coloring dinky.
14 Derpy Pringles tube socks - CheezSnax

15 NATG 8 - Pony Playing a Game 2 - Pinkie is Bad at Games - Cloudy Skies

Dash: Right. Uh, B-2? Pinkie: Aw. That's my unicorn. You win again! Dash: Heh, easy. You're really bad at this game, you know. You can't put your pieces on the same squares every time! Pinkie: Oh. Whoops! Sorry. Of course Pinkie Pie knew how to play Battleclouds. But what she also knew, and what Rainbow Dash didn't know, was that Pinkie noticed how much happier Dash was whenever she won. When Rainbow Dash was happy, so was Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie scooped up her pieces again, and from behind the cover of the screen she put the unicorn back onto square B-2, ready for another round.
16 NATG 1 - Stargazing - Moongazing - Cloudy Skies

Doho, I am so witty. Submitting entries for day 1 and 2 that I completed in time but lacked the guts to submit then.
17 NATG 2 - Pony on a Journey - Cloudy Skies

This'd look a lot better if I had the time (and planned for the space) to actually draw a planet below Pinkie Pie. Pinkie is on a journey to bring happiness to all the folks, yay! Except, well, I'm not letting myself go back and edit or touch up stuff since this stuff comes with deadlines, so instead you get a generic pronking Pinkie Pie with a maracas (a maraca?) poking out of her saddlebag as the only defining characteristic. Eh!
18 Vinyl Scratch in Formal Attier - Jacklyn F

19 Sad Rarity - Jacklyn F

20 Fluttershy and Big Mac Cuddle - Jacklyn F

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