61 Tuxedo Poneh - Blue Waters

Me in a tuxedo. yeah.that sums it up.
62 Epic Pony 2: The power of Two - Iluvvanellope

63 All Quiet On The Western Front - OtterMatt

Drawn for NATG Day 1, "draw a character staring into space or with a glazed look."
64 Tinker's First Gala - OtterMatt

Drawn for NATG Day 3, "Draw a pony in costume/Draw a suited pony."
65 - pterodactl

66 Applegiant - Bradley Litzenberger

67 AJ with saddlebags - Tom0147

Make up for day two. Made in about 40min. Tireness got the best of me today :)
68 Origin of Platinum - Aaron Amethyst

Seems a waterpark got in the way of me continuing, but I will not let anything stop me from moving forward!
69 I'm in space! Wait, what? - rainbowtasticarts

I just wanted to drop by to say that I only just started art and I find your event amazing, really great for new artists, you can really push yourself and let your imagination flow. You are great, thank you a lot.
70 Cliffwalk - rainbowtasticarts

71 NATG III Day 1: Glazed Look - OneBrokePony

I decided to hypnotize Diamond Tiara so she's got a glazed look now. The CMC are trying to make her a CMC fanfilly because, while you can't make ponies fall in love by messing with their heads, you can make fangirls out of them.
72 Haaandy? - rainbowtasticarts

73 Superbloom - rainbowtasticarts

74 Hilltop Run - rainbowtasticarts

75 NATG III day 3: Costume/Suited - OneBrokePony

It's Twilight Sparkle as Yomiko Readman from Read or Die, an OVA that I'd recommend people watch. I don't like this pic very much now, liked it better while I was drawing it. I hope people run with the Twilight in Yomiko costume thing though. I'd like to see it done by someone who is already good.
76 Twilight Sleeping - Bradley Litzenberger

77 Staring pony - Solomon Han

A staring pony.
78 Staring pony - Solomon Han

Another staring pony.
79 Applejack's stare - Hydra The Eevee

80 Casually playing games - Hydra The Eevee

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