81 Sitting Bon Bon - Starscaoe

82 Day 1 - Tech Burst

83 Day 2 - Tech Burst

84 the saddnes of lonlyness - Max youmarking Galvez

this how i feel of my feelings and i want to be reconigzer as a artist
85 Vinyl's MP3 - Taeemul Chowdhury

Seems like I'm going to need to get more practice with drawing humans, huh?
86 The Golden Unicorn's Game - Solist

A resubmission for day 8. A pony playing a game. If a bit of background is needed a do have a reference on the deviate art page. http://solistthepyro.deviantart.com/art/The-Golden-Unicorn-s-Game-395795175?q=gallery%3ASolistThePyro&qo=2
87 A Long Ways to Go - Kirk Bodendistel

88 Smile Smile Smile! - Kirk Bodendistel

89 Not-Applejack - Mountbeach

Derped the submit form for Day 7, honest, I swear!
90 Big Jack and Apple Mac - Rosa

teehee...this one was fun. I'm glad that i still did it even though I did it late.
91 Friends In High Places - sixhorsepower

92 Little Pip's Big Discovery - Prism Spark

Day 6 Entry - Little Pip wakes up in Homage's bed ta find that she's been shrunk well beyond her normal stunted height. Goin' ta seek help from Homage, she sees that her lover might know more a tad bit more about it than she would want....
93 Love's Embrace - Prism Spark

Fer some reason, this theme(i chose the laying down option) struck a chord in me, and I happened ta draw a pairing I do so very much enjoy beyond many other pairings out there(and not just because it's MLP). And they're cuddling each other ta sleep~
94 ATG3 Day 3 - ambergerr

95 I've got a story for you - Totally Generic Name

"Proper stories are supposed to start from the beginning. Ain't so simple with this one."
96 NATG #1 2013 - Totally Generic Name

97 EQD NATG III Day 10: Starswirl the Not-Yet-Bearded - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds III: Day 10: Draw a pony from a legend/Draw a pony with a story! Here we have Starswirl as a colt, and he's just getting his cutie mark for the first time! I had it in my mind that for every new spell he wrote, he also gained a hair on his chin. His adolescent years were a bit awkward, as he had to endure nicknames such as "Starswirl the Soul-Patched" or "Starswirl the Van-Dyked". He also really wasn't sure why other fillies and colts were obsessed with his facial hair, either.
98 Lying Down - Melody Roseshine

99 Princess Peach - Melody Roseshine

I drew my OC like Peach, that's why the mane's a bit different
100 Rainbow In The Wonder Museum - Spark Burst

Newbie Artist Training Grounds III: Day 11 Theme: Draw a pony at a museum/Draw a pony's masterpiece
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