101 NATG 1 - Jerry

102 NATG 2 - Jerry

103 NATG 3 - Jerry

104 Journey on a Journey - SevooHypreD

105 Staring Fluttershy - DevotedFan012

Day 1 - I'm new at all these, but please accept it, it's the least I can do for how mlp has brighten my life up. But, she DOES look good even though she's just staring ;D
106 Walking Rainbow Dash - DevotedFan012

Day 2 - Hey! Here's another that I hope you'll accept too. Can't really capture her awesomeness though
107 Fluttershy Being Beautiful In A Dress - DevotedFan012

Day 3 - Please accept my drawing, even though it's not as good as the original one. I'm doing my best in everyone of them!
108 Rarity Lying Down During Her Play - DevotedFan012

Day 7 - One of the few I've done and sincerely hope you'll accept. She still looks beautiful in this posture though
109 Mane Spray - Death Bringer 85

super effective, now wash proof
110 Are You Game, Good Luck - Death Bringer 85

could you defeat Twilight
111 A giant pony and a tiny pony - CMC_Scootaloo

My entry for the 6th round of the Newbie Artist Training Ground. The theme for this round is "Draw a tiny pony/Draw a giant pony". I send it in again, because I was apparently too late on Day 6. I decided to do both and drawed a giant pony and a tiny pony, which is considered as a normal sized pony, but looks tiny in front of the giant pony. I drawed this fanart without using a reference, just from my memory with the experiences I made so far during drawing, and it's the first time I did that. I'm quite proud of it that I was successful with that. Unfortunately, I apparently suck at drawing manes and tails. I hope I can get better with that.
112 Large Macintosh - Kirk Bodendistel

113 Dash of Anger - rainbowtasticarts

114 - Torx

115 Mme Bannane - Tom0147

You have no idea what i went through to finish this. From listening to electro music to falling of a horse :D But I'm going to France this fall so I had to draw Mme Bannane - the mascot of BD :)
116 AJ climbing to a mountain - Tom0147

Makeup for day 5
117 ATG Day 1 - Neri

118 ATG Day 2 - Neri

119 NATG Day 5 - 2048terrabit

120 NATG Day 7 - 2048terrabit

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