161 - Lord Squishy

162 Museums are not boring - Lord Squishy

I don't know what Rainbow Dash is doing in a museum. She's probably sleepwalking. With her eyes open. It can happen. For the record, this is more or less a reference to MediEvil 2.
163 Giovanni da Verrazzano - baconplanet

Based of this explorer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_da_Verrazzano
164 Dapper Rarity - santhan vutha

165 Dapper Spike - santhan vutha

166 Day 7: Ponies Lying Down. Also, hoofie jammies - OneBrokePony

Applejack and Rainbow Dash in feetie pajamas. They are lying down though. I'm a bit silly
167 Peach - santhan vutha

168 Changing Genres - love-mist

Day 9 Makeup
169 Misfired makeover - Prism Spark

So, Pinkie Pie for some reason had her hair deflate, and called Twilight ta help fix it via magic. Well, Pinkie couldn't help but delay it when a pranking opportunity arose.
170 Just Another Statue - Burnt Circuit

My entry to NATG day 2
171 Mobile - Thraten

A homage to the mobiles and sculptures of artist Alexander Calder. I don’t think form- and function-oriented Twilight quite knows what to make of this particular piece.
172 Staring Contest...Go! - Burnt Circuit

My entry to NATG day 1
173 Derpy staring into space(bar) - The Mad Mike

It's an animated gif, so in case it doesn't work here, just click through to dA. And don't ask what this is, I don't even.
174 Sleepover with miss hooves - Jayruki

Suppose to be a combination of ponies playing a game and ponies with swapped manes
175 Heroic elements - Jayruki

Day 10 an idea i had on the concept of the elements of harmony
176 A Story of a Little Dragon - Taeemul Chowdhury

Not too proud of this one.
177 - pterodactl

178 Pony Walking - Windsplit

179 Big Pony - Windsplit

180 Ping the Pong Master - Windsplit

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