181 Do Not Touch - megahgirl

182 Marvelous Hand Turkey. - Silveredchaos

Lyra's artistic talents become all the rage.
183 My Land, My Masterpiece - AbysmalAegis

The world itself is a work of art to be admired by all.
184 White Box - Madcrafter

Based on the end of Chromosome's fic "White Box".
185 OMG!!! - quagspoo

Pon-Man the only thing that could eat more than me!!!
186 Pinkie Twi and The Colorscope Mk. 2 - Littlecolt

My entry for Day 12 of NATG III. Pinkie Twi from my fanfiction "The Conquering of Love" wearing her perfected version of The Colorscope. Read the DA description for more info and links to the fanfiction.
187 Derpy in the museum - The Mad Mike

Remember how I promised I will be starting to draw these earlier than the middle of the night? Yeah, well, that starts tomorrow. Also, another coloured sketch, wohoo!
188 For My BBBFF - Kreature

189 Look at my Masterpiece! - Blueberry

190 Twilight's Masterpiece - Truce

Twilight and Shining Armor's relationship has always been kind of special to me because I have a little sister. She's into MLP as well, and it's a fun little thing we share that I think is pretty special. Taking her to see Equestria Girls at the local theater is a memory I won't soon forget. This one goes out to you, "LSBFF!"
191 Day at museum - Reagasus

Rainbow Dash and her adoptive sis, getting some culture.
192 Fated Lovers No. 11 - Rainspeak

Based on a painting hung on the wall of the museum in the Fluttershy microseries of the My Little Pony comic.
193 Gem Museum - HumanFlea

194 Humans! - DryBones

195 - Redtoxin

196 Statue in a Museum - RogueLament

197 Bearer of Wisdom - BlackoakShield

Well, definitely a pony of some type in a museum. I dunno if there's a proper name for this statue from the episode "The Return of Harmony (part 1,)" like the one that Cheerilee points out as "Victory," so I dub this statue "Wisdom." I actually had time to learn more about textures in Blender, AND finished before midnight! Yay!
198 The Art of Cosplay - Blurredthelines

199 That second royal sister no one remembered. - Eric Johnston

200 Look What I did! - OverlordSteve

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