261 The One That Got Away - Zanefir-Dran

Her greatest masterpiece was the one she could never truly accomplish.
262 Mondays suck. - DarkFlame

I have classes all day on Mondays, so Monday sucks.. not much time or motivation.
263 Well I Think It's Awesome - RedCelt

264 Um...Don't you like it? - MaikeruTo

Cutting it close to cut time for this one. I want to work on this one more for one of the makeup deadlines. Having a blast with this one!!
265 Twilight - Self portrait - ThinkingWithPonies

266 Deviantart Museum - FlutterLove

267 ATG III day 11 - JTwardo

268 Unfinished pony masterpiece / Octavia's masterpiece - Hopscotch007

Sigh, ran out of time again...
269 BEHOLD! Derpy's Masterpiece - The Great Muffin - BoxedSurprise

Art is an emotional activity, where one can express their feelings--in this case great hunger or admiration for a pastry.
270 EQD NATG III Day 11: Big Macintosh's Masterpiece - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds III: Day 11: Draw a pony at a museum/Draw a pony's masterpiece! When you rock at what you do, celebrate it every way you can! :D
271 That's it - antosheek

272 Flapjack - Redenaz

Many years of training had lead Speedy to this moment: The greatest pancake flip in the history of Cloudsdale. Probably.
273 Distant Ancestor - Roxor128

Celestia: "And this is what our ancestors looked like 35 million years ago..."
274 15 minutes befor midnight? I'll slap something together! - Zookz

I feel a bit meh submitting this because I literally just slapped it together in the last 10 minutes so it's kind of boring and uninspired, but after missing some previous entries, I'd rather put something than nothing.
275 The Great and Powerful Stick Pony - Mister Twister

WILL SCAN IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES! After that, the link will show a proper picture.
276 The Master's Time Piece - Raincloudboom

You Are Not Alone
277 PaladinDrakkenwolf - ATG2013_Day11 - Paladin Drakkenwolf

278 Michelangelo's Statue of Derp - Gregdawg

Truly the greatest piece of art from the Renaissance Period...
279 It's an Art - Yamahawk

When you're Pinkie, every smile is a masterpiece.
280 Best Museum Ever - UnBronySenor

This picture was uploaded three minutes before the deadline. Hence the crappy frame, and probably one of the worst "So Awesome" faces you've ever seen. Prompt: Draw a pony at a museum/Draw a pony's masterpiece
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