281 Rainbow the Art Critic - h2g2guy

Sheesh, even Rainbow doesn't like my Ponydrian imitation...
282 Digital Art Museum Visit - NoMusic33

Well since I mostly do digital art I thought why not visit a Digital Art Museum and view some pony memes!
283 Piece of Master - chriswillpony

284 Mummified Snail - Tradley

During a field trip, Snips and Snails got themselves "wrapped" into trouble. Yeah, I'm not funny.
285 Luna's Starry Masterpiece - MonoJelly

286 The artwork - Iluvvanellope

I hate submitting stuff late, but here it is :)
287 There Must Be Some Sort of Pattern Here - Arkhivez

Daring Do at a Museum, thinking on a mystery as old as time...
288 Lyra Lisa - Tobibrocki

I didn't know Ditzy was an artist!?
289 NatgIII 11 - ShiroHomura

Hazama's "masterpiece" Mu-12 from Blazblue
290 Pinkie Pie Mona Lisa - Neon Inferno

how do I art lol
291 Adopt Now! Friends are waiting just for you! - Theresa

Perhaps not Museum Quality, but Fluttershy's poster for her fundraiser and public service announcement is no less wonderful to her. ^^
292 Let me see, let me see! - a[placeholder(pony)]

The changeling is suffering from the same problem I had earlier today: The expectation that what it is about to be made will be good, great, or even a masterpiece can sometimes make an artist freeze up. This picture was much more difficult than it really needed to be. But I took my time and was able to put in more detail than the previous entries for this series, so that is one goal met. However, speed should probably be the next thing on my list of needed improvements.
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