61 X never, ever marks the spot. - SevooHypreD

X marks the spot.
62 ATG Day11 - In Memory Of - James

The Stable Dweller sits and stares at a memorial in honor of the Lightbringer. Upon close inspection, Littlepip identified various imperfections that no architecht could have the foresight to craft from description alone. I must admit, drawing Littlepip from directly behind while looking upward was a huge challenge for me.
63 A flag worthy of Equestria - Silverwisp

64 Blather on. - Parmesan

I couldn't resist. Still caught up in the Animal Crossing hype. If someone already did this, I would not be surprised.
65 *the obvious Titanic reference* - Tomixander

I only had time to draw the essential - the pony. Hence the sketchy BG.
66 Museum trip - Picanthro

67 A Secret is Revealed - Masem

68 Visit to exposition - Jag

69 Untitled - Rad-man

Just wasn't feeling it today, and the theme didn't spark anything. Happens to the best of us I'd guess, better luck tomorrow!
70 Applejack Drawing - Fizzban08

71 Day 11 - Venus de Pony - Diego Havoc

72 MyBoyJ's Masterpiece Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have my ponysona creating a fingerpainting (hoofpainting?) of mine from last year's NATG. Specifically, it's the one I'm most proud of from last year's event. My "masterpiece" as it were. I suppose that this image technically isn't a parody of anything well known, as the rest of my entries have been, though the image on the tiny LG Lucid IS a parody of a famous painting.
73 I don't get it - ATG Day 11 - Ryojo

74 masterpiece - Tinker

75 Trip to the Museum - Mari Delarock

76 This composition missed the perfect color - S-Guide

Seriously though, this is how you don't do neither coloring, nor storytelling. And the absence of shading makes this fail complete. My apologies to all Mondrian fans.
77 Museum guard - Linus Alvarsson

78 - Cobalt Dawn

Twilight enjoys one of the finer pieces of art known to ponydom
79 Be the Marble - stuhp

80 Fluttershy's Masterpiece - GroundedPegasus

Fluttershy with her knitted work of art from her Micro series comic. I've wanted to do a drawing based on the comics for a while - hopefully this is the first of many to come!
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