101 Rainbow Dash and Applejack Museum Visit (NATG D12) - SolarSpark

Rainbow Dash: *squee* "Oh my gosh, Applejack, it's just like in that Daring Do book. I feel like Daring Do when she broke into that ancient tomb. All I need now is a safari hat and... Hey AJ, mind if I borrow something of yours?"
102 This tree belongs to Apple Bwoom. - Cocodrillo

103 Toota Rolla has been branching out - Snowy Flanks

Toota Rolla must have on of the most nimble tongues in all of Equestria
104 Museum Field Trip - Rebecca SKinner

Safari is visiting the museum with her school, when she feels an eerie, malicious vibe from one of the artifacts. Now, normally she treats everything in the museum with respect, after all these are some adventurer's priceless treasures. This one seems different however. She peels away from her class to investigate. The sarcophagus of the Foal Pharaoh Trot. A thrill creeps up her spine. Or was it a chill, she can't decide. What she can tell though is that something in there is just waiting to be let out and discovered. Is it dangerous? Yeah, it probably is. That's the exciting thing about discovery, you never quite know what you're going to get! Safari crouches down low in preparation, got to be ready for anything, and puts on the best game face she's got! She can see her warped reflection in the shiny case. Got to work on that game face in the future. Then, with a final deep breath she leaps over the rope to open that golden, sparkly, mystery!
105 Rarity, I cooked again! - Aaron Amethyst

Oh boy.
106 Muse...uh. - FoxOfWar

Sorry people, seems AJ fell asleep somewhere between 'modern art' and 'museum' (Also I kinda ran out of inspiration today as AJ is about as artistically-inclined as a cement brick.)
107 Artist_training_ground-day11 - Travis Templeton

108 All My Own Work! - Melon Hunter

After a lengthy expedition in ancient ziggurats, Daring Do shows off all of the artefacts she ruthlessly plundered... uh, bravely recovered from the trap-filled temples of the Ancient Mareyans. For now, she can rest easy at swanky museum parties and giving lecture series, but her mind is already on the next great adventure...
109 Scootaloo's Magnum Opus - MrTophats

Scootaloo's hero worship is going a bit overboard.
110 Contemplation - Ye Ting Wang

111 Inception Pie - Dressa-Reis

Pinkie likes to paint the fourth wall.
112 At the museum - xonxt

113 Octavia's Masterpiece - Kyoko Krash

Ok, confession time...It's not Octavia's masterpiece, it's a song called the swan and I found the sheet music from google images and copied it in this drawing. I haven't even listened to the song. I took music theory in school, but I don't play an instrument or sing. This one took an hour and a half. Yesterday's almost broke me because it took me so long, from now on, I'm giving myself time limits. Anyways please comment and have a wonderful day!
114 Big Macs' life work - Mythicsteed

Big Mac dreamt of the day he would be able to free himself of his harness. He weapt tears of joy as that day had finally come. Very quick colour of the drawing B&W scan. Spent little time on his auto-plough as time was tight for me.
115 Learning to Draw Humans - Chris Cooke

116 Twilight's Masterpiece - Raptor

In the old days a masterpiece was a something a student in a particular craft presented to his/her master to show they had learned their trade and was ready to move on. a Master Piece. I thought this scene represented that theme fairly well.
117 Ib Museum - CrimsonBlossom42

118 masterpiece - hip-indeed

119 Applejack's Masterpiece - Cody Dillard

Either that apple is really big, or Applejack is really small...
120 - Neri

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