121 mastercraft cupcake - Soulnar

122 Day at the Museum - Cerulean Draw

123 Precious - Corralfur

124 His Greatest Masterpiece - Kann

It is the foal, for those who do not get it.
125 Artist Training Grounds - Day 11 - Derpiliciouspony

126 It Belongs in a Museum! - TheBaraclough

I thought I'd just copy Indy's desire to put the artifacts he finds into a museum for Daring but he is a large influence over Daring Do so I think it fits. I don't really imagine Daring as a professor like Indy so I didn't make the placard have Prof. on it. However, I thought a good adventurer who saved the world would want to share her achievements so the world could see them so putting the stone in a museum fits my fanon for Daring. I'll admit I was a bit lazy for not coloring in the background but I honestly didn't know what color to make the background besides the standard color of my paper. I'm rather proud of my Daring Do because there wasn't a particular scene from the show I used to reference, I came up with my own model of Daring with the shirt and fedora. I hope you enjoy it =D!
127 Pony Lisa - Kuyon

It is suppose to be mona lisa pony....it didn't turn out like I expected. I am sooo so sorry. ><
128 Pinkception - Wolfen

Recursive art indeed, Phoe!
129 Museum Visit - Airtower

Rarity took her sister to the museum, and Apple Bloom decided to tag along. You might recognize Rarity’s outfit from Sweet and Elite.
130 Masterpiece - Amanda

131 Circuit Mane does arts - Circuit Mane

132 final touch - F4celess

Sometimes it takes a small detail to make perfection. Intel has no idea that it's rude to change someone elses art without their approval tho.
133 My Sister, the Masterpiece - Abyssal Emissary

Just a filly with her very own masterpiece. Not enough time and ideas for something special.
134 All Night Museum - Steven

135 Wild Museum Appears! - Kyouhen

Shut down!
136 Masterpiece - Yoshimon1

Spike: "Maybe I should go over that part again. I think it's a bit too small..." - Rarity: "Oh no, that isn't necessary. I can assure you it looks absolutely gorgeous!" - Spike: "Are you sure?" - Rarity: "Don't you dare enlarge my portrait's posterior..." --- Let's just call it artistic freedom... --- This "masterpiece" is based on the masterpiece "Masterpiece" by Roy Lichtenstein. --- I could have vectored this, but I thought it would look better if it's a bit messy... --- 2.5 hours. Made in Paint.NET.
137 Smug Trio - Nyrx

Yeah uhh.. sometimes you just gotta.. uhh.. fire from the hip
138 Happy Little Trees - nedemai

139 Not quite - chaosmalefic

Lady Pinkamena was not impressed by my art. "Ugh, try harder or quit already", she said.
140 Sweetie Belle's Masterpiece - Dra Nihally

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