161 Derpy Muffin - ZekeroX Blade

162 Derpy Self Portrait - WerdKcub

Sometimes I think Derpy can draw better than I can...
163 Jack's portrait - Amber flicker

Jack Harkness pony and Inspiration...She's doing his portrait but he does not want to sit still, or in his direct quote: "there is adventure to be had and flirting to be done!!"
164 Her Crowning Achievement - petite-dreamer

"Although she has created many interesting and useful machines, she considers her masterpiece to be the prosthetic wing she created for herself."
165 I AM I - MixedScales

A bone heals a bruise fades but art is forever!
166 Because Derpy - DrHotelMario

Silly Derpy! That's not how you art! ^_^ Quick last minute sketch! added a signature because, why not.
167 NATG3 Day 11: Hoof Painting - Ozepherus

168 Greatest Masterpiece - Study_Hard

Trixie is her greatest masterpiece!
169 Do not touch - Nemo

170 Happy Twi - Tek

Why is Twilight Sparkle happy? She is going to the canterlot museum of course. Outline done in black pen. Colored with colored pencils. Cleaned up in GIMP 2.8 As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
171 Night at the Museum starring Derpy - thinkinsideachimney

172 Discord Origins: The Bored Queen - Hanley209_Brony

Hey, really quite happy with this. This is my headcannon hit the link fir shoddy explanation! Oh celestia, you are the root of all problems in Equestria
173 Scootaloo's Masterpiece - cooler94961

174 Titan Display - Alex Reyes

This was an anatomy and shading practice rather than anything else. After seeing the standing ponies post on EQD, I thought the standing Cheerilee had a really cool posture and physique, so I've decided to try to change the way I'd draw my ponies. At least the standing ones.
175 The Toil of my Hooves - AnnLies

"I stared at the upward gaze of the mare before me. The object of my heart's devotion stood in all her beauty, gazing towards the rising moon with eyes that seemed to yearn for some hidden happiness. She was sublime; her form absolute and flawless in every aspect. The gods' answer to my life of solitude stood, awaiting my embrace. An object of stone was she, and those perfect eyes stood cold and dead before me. My loneliness welled up within me, and I wept as the last thread of dignity left my form quivering with sorrow. My masterpiece, that which I had created to ease my torment, served only to torture me further." Obviously based on the myth of Pygmalion, a story in which a lonely sculptor creates the statue of the perfect woman. A god, pitying him, brings the statue to life and the two are happily wed. Does such a happy ending await our protagonist here? Who can say?
176 - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

Tom. Yup. Please click my name to go to my dA gallery! Everything you do would be appreciated. My entries are in the scraps folder :3
177 Beethoven's Cello Sonata No.1 - Last Minute

178 Pinkie Pie in a museum - BenjiK

179 Space Museum - Silent Machina

180 The Past - Tech Burst

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