201 Listen to my Voice - MaikeruTo

202 May the Games Begin! - Rad-man

I don't know if I've said it here before, but all of my drawings thus far have been made on a Wii U using Art Academy Sketchpad! https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAABAAAYUKk-2Jr-BA Some people on DA think that's pretty neat. Otherwise, yes it's a good ol redraw of a screencap today. Sometimes the best way to learn around a new perspective is to copy first to find some ground! I learned a bit here.
203 :iconpicanthro: Ballancing Act - Picanthro

204 Stars - AnticularPony

See if you can get which musical this is from.
205 Story Time - Nemo

206 Showmare - Shocks

207 Lyra performing a puppet show - The Mad Mike

Oh look, drawing stuff at 5 AM again.
208 Angelic Vocals - Thraten

One Night Only: Presenting the Soulful Melodies of Olden Canterlot, Performed by the Captivating Miss Fluttershy of Ponyville!
209 One Thousand Horsepower - Roman

Supra on dyno for maximum performance!
210 Sweetie Singing WIP - Mane6swag

sketch here for my entry going in later
211 NATG III Day 12 - Mournful Performance - Jezendar

212 This Is It... Sort of. - James Dijit

213 Cara Mia Addio - Roxor128

My Little GLaDOS. Or at least, the pony who plays her.
214 The Pony King Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Here we have two ponies playing the roles of Mufasa and Scar from the Broadway musical version of The Lion King. That musical was the first, and so far only, Broadway show I've seen, and it quickly came to mind when I saw the prompt. This was one of the more complex fingerpaintings I've done due to the fairly elaborate costumes involved.
215 Circuit Mane rocking out - Circuit Mane

Here's 1 of the 1000 bad drawings everyone has to go through with becoming a better artist.
216 Octavia Hamlet - Skypause

For whatever reason I always have trouble with Octavia... and shading... and noses... yeah...
217 DJ - thinkinsideachimney

218 Octavia - Rosa

Well...I actually spent a few hours on this. I'm pretty happy with her. Her belly is a little too big and her ear is a bit off...and I totally cheated for her eyes...but I close my eyes when playing my violin all the time...haha Making a standing pony is awkward...but I'm glad I gave it a try. and this picture was done using a reference....for sure.
219 The Worlds a Stage - RogueLament

220 Cutie Mark Muskateers! - tehflah

Ran out of time, but wanted to get in what I could!
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