61 Derpy Shakespeare - Cody Dillard

To eat or not eat, that is the question.
62 Trixie - What the... - ThinkingWithPonies

"Who put that alligator here ? I was supposed to pull a rabbit out of the hat !"
63 Is it ace of spades? - Soratails

64 Limericks and Wrongs Scripts - stuhp

65 Air guitar - Mart3323

66 ATG Day12 - Talent Show - James

The Stable Dweller admires Velvet Remedy audition on stage while waiting her own turn. Velvet Remedy has a really beautiful voice, and knows how to use it. Littlepip is a mare of many skills, but wonders if she has a any talents that are particularly marketable or entertaining to show on stage. Dismantling and repairing a pipbuck in front of the judges isn't going to win her any medals.
67 DJ Pon3 Performing Live! - NT Seven Four

Drop that bass Vinyl!
68 Spitfire Performing - Arkhivez

Spitfire performs one of her signature moves for the crowd below.
69 The play - Finish her! - ATG Day 12 - Ryojo

70 Rarity as Platinum - CheezSnax

71 Pinkie As Chancellor Puddinghead - dredaich

72 Proudly Presenting - Onlysecondplace's sister

My sisters entry for today
73 Performer - Brandon Hart

74 Ponyacci and Miss Pie! One Night ONLY!! - Theresa

Coming out of retirement and teaming up just this one time~ Ponyacci and Miss Pie take the stage! Get your tickets fast before they run out! It's sure to be the performance of a lifetime!
75 The Performance of life - Onlysecondplace

76 It's Your Love - Cloudy Skies

Two ponies for the price of one! Bonus points to anypony who knows the song. Extra bonus points to the song for being the only non-depressing love song in existence.
77 Pinkie going to sing - Tom0147

I'm kinda off topic but whatever. It's late and this is my third picture today. I'm pretty tired.
78 The Great and Powerful Tavi! - Study_Hard

79 NATG III day 12 - Steady Prism

80 Dischorded Shakespear - Mythicsteed

Flutteryshy still helping Dischord integrate. This time he is in for the amateur dramatics contest. Fluttershy helping him out with the aid of Fancypants (Don't tell Big Mac or Twilight). The lines turn blocky as I turn it to a black and white image so that I can quickly colour it. I have the original inked version on the DA page that looks somewhat better. Tried drawing someone I have been avoiding due to his complexity ... Dischord. So many smaller elements to him. He turned out to be far easier than I had anticipated. Was going to draw in a small "play set" around the scene for Dischord and Fancypants to work within. May revisit it and do it when time is less pressing.
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