81 Sing the Song - Corralfur

82 putting on a play - literally - Angelia

83 Fluttershy in Costume - Flippy

84 Performance - Jag

85 Derpy Puts on a Show - SAHikari

Hopefully this fits the theme... Derpy puts on a soap opera with Muffins.
86 Oink! Oink! Oink! sketch - Xulious

The Cake Twins have grown up and are performing an elderly Pinkie's Oink song for her in the hospital just the sketch, slowly working on coloring it, should have it posted later in the gallery.
87 Scootaloo the Singer - SolarSpark

Scootaloo shows the world her wonderful singing voice. Can a singing voice be adapted for use in warfare?
88 The Distinguished Crowd - klystron2010

[ I hope the sauce levels are acceptable. ]
89 Octavia - Bananizen

90 Beauty and the Changeling - Xonxt

"Beauty and the Changeling"
91 Ancient Diamond Dog Magic - Blue Whrilpool

Being raised by diamond dogs has taught Needles lots of magic that many ponies don't know. It also made him afraid of unicorn magic. (Its technically preforming)
92 Poetry Slam - Airtower

Today I learned that one of my friends performed in a poetry slam a while ago, and together with today's topic things fell into place, because I already wanted to create an OC for her. I decided to draw her in DERP style, but go beyond sketch to lineart, which is why I scanned this drawing in higher resolution than usual. I’m quite happy with the result. :-)
93 Awh HAY no! - FoxOfWar

Because, you know, AJ probably has better things to do than set up in a silly tutu.
94 And for the next trick... - Shiki-pon

95 Start of the show - Soulnar

96 Sock Theatre - CosmicWaltz

Has nothing to do with Season 3 Episode 22 (series episode 53) of Quantum Leap, entitled "Shock Theater", where Sam Beckett jumped into a mental patient and was ECT'd into a state of delirium as he cycled through the personas of people he had previously jumped into. But that was an awesome episode.
97 Cry of Skuld - chaosmalefic

Cry of Skuld performed by Fluttershy
98 Pinkie Pie likes to play - Snowy Flanks

She's been practicing for this role her whole life
99 Day 12 - Diego Havoc

100 Zath on the banjo - ScribbleClash

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