101 Riverdancers - Linus Alvarsson

Due to the fact that my roommate is being a total b*tch tonight, I had to take a picture of my picture with the cell phone. That is why I didn't uploaded it to my dA account yet.
102 Guess who got inside? - Silverwisp

103 Sonic Rainboom - Cocodrillo

104 Day 12 - Alloco

105 Silver Belle's Fa├žade - Michael Walker

This one's a bit loose on the theme, but the I've started reading Fallout: Equestria recently and I'd read the scene introducing Pinkie/Silver Bell earlier. Although this is a bit of an inaccurate rendition, I'm basing the theme's latter option from the events of the scene. Silver Bell put on a performance in two ways - the first by showing off her Pinkie Pie 'museum' (that I was too lazy to fill in a ton of random Pinkie-themed crap for) and the second by covering up her pain and painting herself pink.
106 Ta-Da!!! - MrTophats

Magic show! Kinda bakwards, but whatever.
107 Fluttershy Performing Ballet - Kyoko Krash

I drew Fluttershy performing ballet to Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I used to take dance classes and the costume is based on the costume I wore while doing ballet to that song at a recital, except I couldn't quite get the costume right. Oh well. Also, I couldn't figure out how to put her wings so I didn't draw them. I've drawn Fluttershy 3 times now...hmm...I must like her...Anyways comment if you like & Have a wonderful day!
108 Theatrical Dress - Cazra

Derpy is wearing a play. She put it on.
109 It's simple. - Alexander Diogo

110 Twilight Of The Stars - Emi

I think I am starting to get better! Thanks NATG :)
111 Lyra's Performance - Burnt Circuit

She performs her latest song.
112 Glam Seed - Melon Hunter

Mix a costume made of questionable colour combinations, a David Bowie record, a tub of industrial-strength hair gel, some body paint and an all-too-eager filly, and glam rock makes its comeback. Whether Manehatten wants it or not.
113 Dolly's Song Debut - Dolly Llama

Dolly performing one of her written songs. It's very jazz/blues, very sad. :c
114 Phantom of the Opera - Eric Ladouceur

This was pretty rush and I'm not too happy with it. Oh well try again tomorrow!
115 mix-up act - hgbguy

116 Don't try this at home - Tinker

I was happy I could draw Tinker practicing my newest skill.
117 Vinyl Scratch Scratches the Vinyl - AstralMareets

Color the entire picture? Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!
118 Wubs Whirler - Abyssal Emissary

Just a fast drawn thing with no good idea at the beginning. Still it's some kind of performance.
119 Metal Concert - Joshua C

Put you hooves up! /)
120 Singing - Kuyon

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