121 Loathing - Xain Russell

122 Lyra's big performance - Manfartwish

I'm super happy with this one ^_^
123 Some pony performing - ZekeroX Blade

I could not think of anything to draw so I just made this to avoid missing any ATGs.
124 Some pony performing - ZekeroX Blade

I could not think of anything to draw so I just made this to avoid missing any ATGs.
125 3rd EQD ATG Day 12 - Frostspear

Ehh... performing? Um... fine, have some Vinyl cosplaying as Sona to contrast with Taviora from day eight. I know I meant to put more effort into these again but, firstly, I wasn't particularly inspired today and, secondly, I was busy finishing off a last-minute commission. ...art? Haha, no. What a silly idea; I can't do art! No, it was a cake. I do cakes now, apparently, and I deliver anywhere within a fifty-meter radius so, if you happen to live next door, feel free to commission one!
126 Applejack B - S-Guide

This lovely pony got the thickness, / Can I get a "Hell Yeah"?
127 Sweetie Belle - cooler94961

128 ATG III #12 : Revenge of the Mother - Berry Frost

129 Juliet - Stratosfire

This was going to be part of a much bigger drawing, but I was too tired to continue...
130 Twilight Velvet, the vocalist - Aaron Amethyst

Oh hey guys! i opened commissions so please check me out. spread the word, and keep on supporting. Love you all!
131 Concert for One - Dra Nihally

132 Performing Maintenance... - Yoshimon1

---HasbrOS log #197935872--- Starting system maintenance... Mending heart drive... Done. Retessellating friendships... Done. Overcharging magic capacitators... Done. Reticulating giant hats... Done. Dividing by 0... Not crashed. System maintenance complete. ---End of file--- --- A robot? What are you talking about? She's just asleep. --- "Performing maintenance" was the first thing that came to my mind when I read today's theme, so Sweetie Bot was the obvious choice... --- For the code I just opened my reference picture in Editor and added some little things. Can you spot them? Also, the 42 wasn't even intentional. I couldn't decide and just used random.org... --- 3 hours. Made in Inkscape. SVG can be found on dA.
133 Day 12 - Emberstar11

134 Ballet - Fluttershy_Z

135 cold and collected - F4celess

When your name is tied up with a CPU brand you are expected to perform like it.
136 Wubs - trpeal

137 Cadence- sideways and off-theme - Hanley209_Brony

Failed my proper on-theme picture, so got out an older sketch I'd been sitting on and finished both the drawing and shading on it! New found speed skills and shading skills put to use.
138 Celestia On Stage - Chris Cooke

Only Princess Luna remembers that time over a thousand years ago when Celestia played "Annie". Credit to my wife, Julie, for the concept.
139 Coldfire's Performance - general mexico

coldfire loves performing arts so here she is sporting her stuff :D
140 Banjo Boy - Rebecca Skinner

I know that he's not playing a banjo, but his talent is just stringed instruments that you pluck, not just banjos. I was originally going to animate it, but I still have a lot of makeup days to finish before tonight, so for the time being I'm leaving it as is.
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