161 Practice Session - Noah Lothiel

162 The Great and Powerful Twerxie - Gurkirt Cheema aka Avatar of Madness aka Time Cons

I feel almost bad for this. I couldn't think of anything for the theme, than my thoughts went to the VMA awards. You can see what happened. I sincerely hope she doesn't pursue this type of performing.
163 Shaded Alchemist - Alex Reyes

This was more as another anatomy test and a test of finding new to draw eyes for my characters. That and clothing tests.
164 Arise fair sun - Eric Johnston

It's amazing how character selection and setting can change the meaning behind words.
165 Day 12 - Imsya

I'm original.
166 1000 YEARS DUNGEON - TopGull

Gah, I got stuck for the longest time trying to figure out how to draw the princesses, so I didn't get any real art done... I hope you can at least appreciate the joke.
167 A Bit of Jazz - Amanada

168 EQD Training Grounds Day 12 - Blayaden

Shameful rush job is shameful. T_T I could've done so much better than this...
169 Poetry Night - Kesserca

My OC sharing some Shakespeare in a Poetry Night
170 O Romeo, Romeo - Rainspeak

171 Celestia Only Knows - AbysmalAegis

Canterlot's finest quartet.
172 ACTION!!! - Kreature

Coaldust The Strange
173 A Song for a Princess - Canvas Painter

The ethereal spirit looked intently at the sandy stallion, her eyes showing a degree of curiosity. The Doctor could only watch with a sense of awe. This creature before him, in all of her floaty glory, was an abstract being. She shouldn't be able to exist in a 3D world, yet here she was. "So..my lady, why are you here?" The Doctor asked. The swirling blue maiden twisting around a few times before speaking. "I came here to hear a song." "A..song, why a song?" "I have never heard a song, is that simple enough?' She replied. The Doctor watched the princess more, her eyes still fixated on him. She wanted to hear a song and he hadn't a device on hoof to play one for her. There was only one solution. "I can sing you a song." The Doctor stated nonchalantly. "You can create a song from your own self? How is that possible?" The Princess's inquired. "Well, I have a voice, so I can sing...sorta." And so the Doctor began. "She was just a small town girl...."
174 Filly Trixie performing - BenjiK

175 Camp Fire Act - Frith

If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org (it's the "gallery link"), anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. Taken from Sleepless in Ponyville and expanded on. There's something wrong with Rainbow Dash's face, it doesn't look quite like her. Of course the whole thing with her shadow projected on the campfire smoke wouldn't have worked since the smoke would have given her a coughing fit. The episode settled for trees and bushes as a projector screen. I just thought it'd look cooler.
176 Cider And Karaoke - HumanFlea

177 EQD ATG 3: Day12 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

Uh Trixie...the light IS on... Such a silly filly. I still need to work on drawing the body and neck a bit more. Proportions are still a touch off. I'm slowly getting there. Back to drawing!
178 Octavia Performing - GandalfDaGreat

Damn I'm getting really lazy with these. Just realized I forgot her bow. ah well, better shoddy work than none at all?
179 Because Hooves - Shy Assassin

180 Octavia - Tek

I decided to draw everypony's favorite musician Octavia. Outline done in black pen. Colored with colored pencils. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
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