1 Stick Rarity lost in the sea of the unfabulous - Darkon Shadows

Darkon: To be honest I'd like to see Rarity get stuck in some sort of survival situation where being persnickety would be a incredible detriment.
2 Likely drifting for her life - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: How many people are doing Mario Kart this time? Banana peels are better used as defensive items, unless you have more then one to spare.
3 A rude awakening on the open sea - Slizergiy

4 I'm Sailing Away - Corralfur

5 Sightseeing - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I find it quite relaxing to just hop on a cloud and see where it takes me.
6 Drifting from the truth - FrostyEchidna

Letting the shadows get to her, drifting away from what really mattered(comic cannon) Turning into nighmare rarity.
7 WILSON!!! - CosmicWaltz

8 Not going as planned - Michael

Well... This is not what I expected for a vacation cruise.
9 rarity surfing - PonyBronyXD

10 Life of Shy - Paradise - TropicalWings

Made with Paper by 53
11 What is a Sea Serpent even doing in a river? - Daniel Woolgar

I'm back from BUCK everypony. Not that anyone knew or cared...
12 Sea of Trees - Wryte

If you need a break from drawing ponies, but don't want to miss a day, try meeting the prompt by sticking an itty-bitty pony in a picture of something else!
13 Twilight Sparkle Lost At Sea - Blue Wolf

Wasn't planning on doing much for this one. I came up with this and just kept coloring it to the point that I think this is the most involved coloring job I've done out of any day so far.
14 Lost at the sea - Angelia

15 Drift Pony - Legeden

Supa dorifto poni!
16 She Knew It Was a Trap - RFpones

So Lyra is the one giving us such trouble. To tell you the truth, I am a bit surprised. I expected her to be more... formidable.
17 At Sea - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

Shoo-bee-doo, shoo-shoo-bee-doo!
18 Drifting - NinjaEngie

Come Back.... Derpy!
19 Derp Derp De Derp Derp(Or: Derpy The pirate) - Warewolves

The Da link contains an animation because I had to animate it. If you don't wish to use the animated version, use the gyazo one. Also I should put this here just in case. I did kind of trace derpy, so if that's against the rules there's also that.
20 Heat, Thirst, Loneliness - Keonho Kim

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