201 Circuit Mane stuck on a boat - Circuit Mane

202 Obviously a Wrong Turn... - Lifes Harbinger

Couldn't resist the Looney Tunes reference.
203 Miss Peachbottom - Bryan Briggs

Seriously, Why isn't she more popular. And yes, I totally forgot her cutie mark, but I'm too lazy to correct it
204 RD overslept - BenjiK

205 Not a Good Idea - AstralMareets

206 Lost - LuigiSonic57

Is the Wanderer really lost at sea? Or is she drifting through life without a clear purpose, and this drawing is a representation of her current mental state? I'll let you decide. This one was pretty easy to do, not too complicated.
207 Shipwrecked and Comatose - phallen1

Sipping fresh mango juice...
208 Lost at the sea in a dream - Blueberry

I got really lazy at coloring. She took a nap and she was dreaming about being lost at the sea. End of story.
209 Willpower - jberg18

210 Seasick Rook - Nemo

211 EQD ATG 3: Day14 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

Derpy Hooves is joyfully drifting among the clouds. I'm quite happy with her mane, tail, and wings. I still need to work on the body, legs, and neck a bit more though. Back to drawing!
212 Pip's Ocean (?) Adventure - Zanefir-Dran

Seas? Pirates? Pip's adorable Nightmare Night costume?
213 Guiding Light? - Capin Mintbars

214 Pirate Pinkie Lost - BlackoakShield

Okay, so I know that Pirate Dash is already the most famous and best pirate in the fandom, but I figured that Pinkie, with her lack of map skills (see the comics and/or Hearthswarming Eve) would be more likely to get lost. At least until she opened up the 4th wall somewhere. Ah well, I still had fun making the little raft and redoing Pinkie's mane and tail. Almost 2 weeks of NATG, y'all! Woohoo!
215 Gah! Politicians! - JohansRobot

Looks like Mayor Mare turned to the life of pillaging and singing with Johnny Depp! Yo Ho!!!
216 Derpy Lost At Sea - Emi

217 EQD NATG III: Day 14: Scoots Away - ArrJaySketch

Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 14: Draw a pony lost at sea/Draw a pony drifting. I had a much better/funnier idea involving Scootaloo than this one, but it just wasn't turning out. I do want to try to tackle my idea one day anyway. This is far from my best work, but I figure it's more important to keep drawing, even if I don't feel inspired. I found that if I don't try to push past the bad days, they'll overwhelm me ad I just won't feel like drawing at all. I'd rather keep drawing! :) Seeing as I was feeling like complete ass both yesterday and today, I'm glad I drew anything at all. Oh! And I officially lasted longer than last year's NATG, yay! :D *dies*
218 Adrift, a Mare - Blurredthelines

Gah, dat smudge :/
219 Stranded at the sea. - Lomeo

Hey, quite a bit of experimentation with this one. I hope you like it!
220 A Glimmer of Hope - AnticularPony

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