241 How can I ever escape? - Invidlord

242 The Raft Scene (Illusion of Gaia) - Hopscotch007

I'm expecting a couple of these, I can't wait to see the others. Some other lines I considered are "your premonitions are dumb!" or "you're a moron and you're going to starve to death and I'm going to dance on your corpse"
243 Lazy Art + Scootaloo - Aaron Amethyst

Hey guys, know this is a weird thing to say here, but I've got commissions for as low as $2 a pop. Come on by and support me.
244 Search for the White Leviathan - Silent Machina

245 Breakfast Astern - Totally Generic Name

Damn it, Derpy. Why was there even a muffin in the engine room, anyways?
246 Sea of Stars - Frith

If you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID. Twilight drifting in the sea of stars, an alicorn perk (could be true!). Tried to make those ornamental wings look useful. Reference images used from Magical Mystery Cure (Twilight and Rainbow Dash) and Lesson Zero (Celestia).
247 Rainbow Dash is not a sail - Lord Squishy

Oh look Pinkie is still wearing her gargoyle costume and the hood is caught on the edge of the boat. And Rainbow Dash is still sleepwalking with her eyes open. Also she does not make a very good sail. Also I have discovered the magic of thicker outlines yay
248 Derpy at Sea - Taeemul Chowdhury

I've been getting ready to go to college and move into my dorm so I haven't been able to find the time to put much effort into the drawings. But once I get settled in I'll be able to put out better quality stuff.
249 Stellar Problems - Burnt Circuit

Luna is trying some new constellation ideas.
250 NATG3 Day 14: Just Keep Swimming - Ozepherus

Land is a long way off...
251 A Tropical Prelude - sixhorsepower

252 Adrift at sea - Hard Cyder

253 Captain of the Títan Viente - superfatmatt

254 Life of Pie - Skypause

Tiger and Shadows DEFINITELY need help. First tiger I've ever drawn, also first water I've done too.
255 Gust of Wind - Valkyrie-Girl

256 Snorkeling Mishap - Parmesan

The idea was that they were snorkeling and their boat left. That's it. Now they're lost. In all seriousness, I tried toying around with transparency, though the only remaining bit left is the goggles. It was worth a shot.
257 Sometimes You Have to be Lost... (part 1) - Worldtrekka

Two part image for today!
258 ...To Find the Most AMAZING Places of All. (part 2) - Worldtrekka

Two part image for today!
259 Lyra Lost at Sea - RHKirby

Lyra lost at sea. I have no idea why Lyra of all ponies decided to embark on a sea adventure, but whatever works I guess.
260 Artist Training Ground Day 14 - GraphicLee

Woo! References!
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