61 Hard Turn - Tinker

I hate wings, but I'm proud of how this turned out.
62 The Dangers of the Drift - Cloudy Skies

The dangers of drifting, of sharing minds, of seeing each others' memories. And of learning what Pinkie Pie was up to last night. Surely I am the only one who has the keen mind, the wit and the originality to draw something Pacific Rim-themed today! (Snrk.) In case my scrawl is illegible to your eyes: Twilight: Applejack, Pinkie, you're out of synch! Report! Applejack: Consarn it, Pinkie. I knew it was you who ate my pie! Pinkie: Well, you weren't doing it! Applejack: It was cooling in the windowsill!
63 Lost butterfly, I mean, Fluttershy - Jag

64 Survival Ponies 4 the GameColt (WIP) - Soratails

65 Trixie on the sea - Dream Breaker

Trixie: "I'm soooo bored!"
66 Drifting - tablet mode

i'm so sorry it just had to be done
67 Octavia - Meridas

very rushed
68 Strawberry Splash - Zariala

I drew this back in July but I figured I might as well submit it since it fit so perfectly
69 My jolly sailor colt - Silverwisp

70 Drifting - Xonxt

'Drifting'. Well, you didn't specify what kind of 'drifting', eh?
71 ATG Day14 - Lone Wanderer - James

The Stable Dweller strides through the remains of a long abandoned ghost town. I don't know, but I think Littlepip is on her way somewhere. Is she lost? I somewhat referenced this scene from a piece of official CG artwork representing the character Littlepip is most likely based on: the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3.
72 sailing gone wrong - the ironbear

73 Whoa, Nelly... Where am I? - Transparent Pony

And where is mah hat?!
74 Lost at the wide sea - ATG Day 14 - Ryojo

75 The Odyssey Of Apple Bloom - Melon Hunter

Don't we all wonder that, Apple Bloom. Don't we all. Also, you might want to think about drifting back to Sweet Apple Acres sooner rather than later; your family are worried sick about you.
76 Artist_training_ground-day14 - Travis Templeton

77 Pinkie Pie Relaxing - Sabrina

78 Replacer - Raedrob

79 Flutterspace - Rad-man

I read the EqD comments for the first time today and someone commented on my picture for yesterday. I wonder how many other times that has happened. It is a mystery!
80 Day 14 - Abandoned Ship - Alloco

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