81 Minuette lost in a green sea - Tom0147

Well she fell into sea. And the sea is green. What the hay? (I asked my friend to tell me a letter and he said "C" but I wasn't in the mood for drawing a blue pony in blue watter so this is what came out of it) Again, just a quickie. 24 hours is just not enough for me to draw something... :)
82 Drifting in Dreamland - TwinQuasars

Featuring Luau, from Nimaru's "Gathering Elements"
83 Something About a Sail - FoobWhisperer

84 Shoo be doo - CheezSnax

85 Adrift - Elppajack

86 Sweetie Belle Lost at Sea and Applebloom to the Rescue - SolarSpark

"Oh no, I dropped my paddle. Hurry Applebloom. The current's pulling me away. I'll sink if the paper gets too soggy!" "Don't worry Sweetie Belle, Ah'm a professional."
87 - Shiki-pon

88 What you got yourself into, Pinkie - antosheek

89 Ponybrush Threepwood - ScribbleClash

"Oh, why do I torture myself like this? I might as well wish for some chicken and a big mug of grog for all the good it will do me."
90 Manehattan or Bust - PatPrime95

91 Raft - dredaich

92 Life of Pie - WolfyOmega

93 Falling Deeper and Deeper - Cocodrillo

94 Wheely Bopper is best pony - Tech Burst

It's from Mario Kart, in case you had no childhood.
95 ATG Day 14 - Neri

96 Land A'hoy - Mythicsteed

The CMC nip out and Scoot decides to give a little power ..... after a while their next adventure ensues ..... I _seriously_ need to stop scanning in black and white to allow for colouring. If anyone knows what would be good to colour the main grey scan, please do let me know :)
97 Rainbow Drift - Xain Russell

98 Gravity Spells Gone Wrong - Masem

Playing off "drifting", I turned to another fanfic I am in the process of writing, "The Gravity of the Situation" http://www.fimfiction.net/story/92668/the-gravity-of-the-situation where (pre-S3) Twilight accidentally hits herself with a gravity nullification spell that she can't cancel and refuses to ask Celestia for help for fear of letting her mentor down, but she still needs to get things done around town. Thus, throughout, Spike has to pull a drifting Twilight around Ponyville, much to her regret and the town's enjoyment.
99 calling upon the seaponies... wherever they are. - Bananizen

Lost at sea,lost in sea, same thing right?
100 All Day, Every Day - kits

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