101 Solitude - srk-ares

102 Rarity at sea - The Storm - Linus Alvarsson

103 Rarity at sea - The Night - Linus Alvarsson

104 Rarity at sea - The disaster - Linus Alvarsson

105 NATG III day 14 - Steady Prism

106 - 2048terrabit

107 Aimless Drifting - mintykoneko

Combined the two! I'm usually too lazy to do backgrounds, but was really excited to do this one!
108 Twilight Drifting in a GT-R - Lextsy

I know the topic/theme was about the ocean of a sort but I saw drifting and I couldn't resist taking it sideways. I mean, who wouldn't want to slide the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34?
109 Only One? Really? - Sleethoof

My friend and I's OCs lost at sea. Supposed to be a minecraft-esque shore. WHEE!
110 Am I Doing It Right? - Fidelis

111 A Friend in Need - Airtower

Fluttershy doesn’t have to worry, because she can count on her animal friends to help her.
112 Lost at "C" - Chris Cooke

I'm still not feeling well, so this was real quick. It's a fairly obvious interpretation; I'm sure we'll see many variations on the theme. Still, probably the cutest pony I've drawn.
113 - pterodactl

114 Lost at C - Chris Cooke

Ok, I'll admit, this is pretty dumb. It jumped in my head after I posted the other one for today, though, and I had to slam it out to get it out of my head.
115 - Sierra

116 Cloud Kicker Drifting - SpinOffJoe

117 Applejack lost at sea - Kyoko Krash

Applejack is lost at sea...not too much creativity on this one. Only took me around an hour, but I'm happy with it, the pose turned out better than I thought it would. Don't know if I'll be able to draw much if any the next 9 days or so, but I will try. Comments are greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!
118 Octaves at Sea - cooler94961

119 Sweetie Belle on a Boat - CrimsonBlossom42

120 Making a Delivery - TGYR

Making a delivery, of Bink's sake through the sea. Through today, and through tomorrow, all your dreams will lay. Say goodbye should we depart, and keep your memories in your heart. Don't you frown, and don't be down, but live to seize the day!
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