141 Life Of Pie - Foxy

Maybe I got lucky and no one else did this pun~
142 "Being Lost At Sea Is BOOORING!" - Michael Walker

Tried doing the lines with less heavy stabilisers this time. Not to self, next time I try this - thicker lines!
143 3rd EQD ATG Day 14 - Frostspear

I should probably watch this at some point. Anyway, there appears to be a fairly stark contrast between the sharp foreground objects against the softer surroundings that I feel somewhat conflicted about; it is simultaneously uncomfortable and yet somewhat appealing... eh, I don't know but it's done now. It'll do. Oh yeah; also, Richard looks rather awful but there is little in the way of reference for show-style tigers. ...this challenge is starting to cause my hand to seize up.
144 Pinkie on Vacation - klystron2010

No BG on last panel blah.
145 Pirate Luna Striked Again - darkthorus

146 Wilson! - Arcus

Wilson I'm sorry!
147 Wanderlust - TheBaraclough

I'm rather proud of this considering it's only the second time I've ever drawn Spike and it's a considerable improvement. Also I'm not completely ashamed of my perspective despite it being far from perfect. I cannot believe I have been doing this for two whole weeks and am proud of how much progress I made. I joined this thinking I would just do a few drawings and then stop but I've kept going and have had much more improvement than I thought was possible. This event has been the first time I've tried to draw in years and I no longer feel like I have no artistic talent. I'll admit I'm pretty tired and am not as motivated as I was before but everybody's feedback and my desire to improve has kept me going. Thank you to everybody who has enjoyed my work and please comment if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.
148 Derpy lost at C - Hanley209_Brony

Pun. Also, must buy scanner!!
149 Me, Sky, and Water - Arkhivez

Drifting/Lost in Ultimate Freedom...when there's nothing but you, an ocean, and a sky.
150 Windy Pip - Cazra

It's much more fun getting lost while looking for treasure than following the main plot.
151 Drifting in a pool - picanthro

How long has it been minutes, hours. The constant rocking of the waves are relaxing.
152 Lost in Sea - Snowy Flanks

Luckily you can eat seaweed
153 Skyjack - Wolfen

I realized that Applejack was the only member of the mane six I hadn't drawn yet, so I decided to rectify that.
154 Adrift - TheAndyMac

155 - Silveredchaos

156 Derpy is lost in the ocean - CMC_Scootaloo

Derpy is lost in the ocean. :( I planned to draw without reference, just from my memory, again, but it turned out that I would need a reference picture because of her sitting position, which is something I draw the first time, and her mane. But I drawed almost all of her head without reference and was relatively fast with it, in comparison to my drawing tempo so far. So, I'm quite proud of it. Oh, and in case you're wondering why the logs have different lenghts: Derpy built the raft by herself.
157 Castaway Derpy - Caresse-par-la-lumie

158 A Pirate Without Her Ship - general mexico

159 Star Ocean - Study_Hard

160 Stranded - Ye Ting Wang

Somebody fire the flare, send the S.O.S, I'm down to my last stretch, bleeding to death. Please, is anyone out there, to save a poor soul, I don't want to visit His Locker, I'm not ready to go! My blood is attracting the sharks, my visions blur, and my future looks dark, so anyone please, rescue me, or my burial will be by sea.
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