161 Alone With The Sea - MixedScales

162 Title Grab - Alex Reyes

This is an original and unoriginal take on the lost at sea part. This is a ponified cover for the Lost at Sea graphic novel by Bryan Lee O' Malley. I need to think about these themes more.
163 Drifting - AaronMk

Big ocean Small boat One pone.
164 ATG III DAY 14: Shoobedoo (sketch) - Pinkeidragon

I couldn't resist drawing a sea-pony for the first time after reading "sea" I really just wanted to draw somepony's reaction towards a sea pony then I remembered I had to follow the theme, that why they look like they're floating. Twilight is supposed to be on a raft and the sea-pony's in the water. (really quick sketch, sorry it's messy!)
165 When I said I wanted some time alone, I didn't mean this!! - DhampirSyrine

166 Cloud Drifting - Kevin

167 Catch My Drift? - The Ash Bee

Vinyl Scratch decides to go drifting...catch my drift? Side note: First time using GIMP. Thanks to Skypause for the insight and help!! (\(6_6)/)
168 Found at Sea - Last Minute

169 And Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them - petite-dreamer

Although she's at sea, Filly!Tetra isn't literally lost. But she did just get the title of captain shoved on her overnight, so, yeah, she's a little disoriented.
170 Drifting Dash - Tek

Rainbow Dash is drifting off to sleep on a cloud. I am very happy with this one. I have now draw a pony a night for a fortnight now. Check out my deviantart for the full fortnight worth of ponies. As always Feedback and Tips appreciated.
171 Life of Shy - Mary Kate

172 Oops - PinkiePieFiesta

I accidentally Gibbontake again
173 Rock and a Hard Place - Canvas Painter

The waves were huge, swelling to heights not seen since the dawn wars. The Doctor sturggled to hold onto his little dingy as the waves roared around him. He should have been lost at sea hours ago, but something keep his sail afloat. The Time Lord wasn't one to believe in higher forces, but it seemed tonight was watching over him...
174 Drifting Cloud - Pax Lator

♫ And I've got a strong urge to fly! / But I've got nowhere to fly to... ♫ My first entry in the ATG. Hopefully I'm not too late in!
175 Drifting through time and space - Amber flicker

Sorry no link to image this time, no time to upload to dA....Also low art quality today because BUSY!
176 Drifting Belle - picanthro

Sweetie Belle drifting for her cutie mark
177 Love's in Bloom...at sea - ChibiDashie

Yus, my drawing skills kinda suck, but at least it's not so bad, it doesn't look like a ship at sea at all (Because remember: NOBODY'S PERFECT!) I just wanted to have this as a tribute to my boyfriend, who I consider, a person with a heart of lots of light...and a true spirit of love and kindness. (Even though he's neutral on ponies, he doesn't care if he's ponified) Because love's in bloom no matter what. And why does I have a sailor uniform? Because they're cool.
178 EQD Training Grounds Day 14 - Blayaden

Lost at sea. Whee.
179 Lost at "C" - Quagspoo

I don't "C" why ah'm out here......
180 Derped At Sea - Kann

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