1 Solid Stick - Darkon Shadows

Darkon: Stick? Stick? STIIIIIICCCCCKKKK!?
2 Lessons from the Medic - Slizergiy

3 Pinkie Excited! - David Wevill

Didn't really try anything creative this time. At least it looks good -shrugs-
4 Likely overkill, Mega Mare style - Jenbun Spahging

Jenbun: You know some people aren't very good at mega man, I know for certain Darkon isn't. Anyway, Likely in a Mega Mare suit fully charged to take that Batonton expy.
5 New Release - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

New Daring Do book? Yes, please!
6 Party planning - Antoni

this is page 5 of a comic i am writing, this is an earlier page so it's reads top left, middle left, bottom left ect. also it's back when i was writing in the dialogue by hand so i had to erase it and type over it before i uploaded it to my deviant art and since than i have gotten a little better about formatting, i thought it fit the category solely because maroon is being fired out of the party cannon http://eggrole7.deviantart.com/art/page-1-arrival-360422182 this is the first page
7 Can't even wait to be finished - DJ-Rainbow-Dash

Going for something a little different tonight.
8 Nervouscited - Vila1

9 Mega Shining Armor X - Blue Wolf

Mega Shining Armor held down the B button to charge up this blaster shot.
10 Cheer - Wryte

Don't give up! I want to see all of you at the finish line!
11 Sweetie Belle's charged up - Transparent Pony

Yes, she's pretty excited and charged up!
12 Pinkie surprising Twilight - Harthic

13 A Static Stunt - stuhp

In which Rainbow Dash is 'charged' with hit-and-run and 'mane'slaughter. Geddit? :3
14 NATG Day 15: Zapped! - SkywalkerGirl666

15 Atomic Pinkie - CosmicWaltz

Oh, horseapples, RUN RUN RUN!
16 Magic! - Chrisgotjar

*finishes drawing* ... Where did that come from?!
17 All charged up! - Tomixander

18 OMAHGAWD A HAND - Dahngrest

19 Lyra found something ... a potato?! - LyraHwhatever

20 pushed Too Far - Fervidia

I had to rush this entry, I was getting ready for a party, then this post appeared.
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