181 Excited Much? - Amanda

182 I've done it! - 13lackout

What's he excited about you ask? He's finally discovered how much fun drawing can be, and he's ready to show the world what he can do!
183 Fly, Scootaloo! - AstralMareets

Bad printer! How dare you make it look all bad like!
184 Artist_training_ground-day15 - Travis Templeton

185 Artificial Memories - crazypon3

Sweetie Bot as a prototype getting recharged. I decided to use a new style for this one. maybe I'll use this for my darker themes.
186 Booze pony - Shadowbolt82

187 Pinkie pounce! - OverlordSteve

188 "Crystal PONIES?!" - BlackoakShield

Rarity for best facial expressions! Also, two weeks of the NATG! Much yay! And much thanks to Phoe and Calpain for hosting the event! Congrats to everyone that's made it so far! Like Phoe said, no matter the skill, or how many days got missed, it's all about doing what you can and knowing that you're awesome for doing it!
189 I'm Gonna Get Laid Tonight! - Aaron Amethyst

190 The Great Golden Muffin Heist - Zanefir-Dran

Now don't get too excited Derpy, or you'll trip the alarm and- Oh there it goes right now actually.
191 Excitement - h2g2guy

Back to basics. I'm sorta happy with this one, considering I didn't use much in terms of references.
192 Charged Up - baconplanet

193 pep talk - hip-indeed

194 Getting ready for the first fligh - BenjiK

195 The most excitable Pony - Hopscotch007

"Isn't this exciting? Are you excited, 'cause I'm excited, I've never been so excited-- well, except for the time that I saw you walking into town and I went [deep gasp] but I mean really, who can top that?"
196 Just Charge It! - Cazra

Rarity isn't impressed by Sweetie Belle's enthusiasm for the Mega Mane cosplay parts. She's not too excited about the price tags either. Better charge it!
197 - pterodactl

198 The Fun Levels Will Be At Maximum Efficiency! - Hard Cyder

Drawing... Drawing... Sweetie Bot is best sentient biological life form!
199 I got Chills - Shy Assassin

They're multiplying!
200 Charged - Silent Machina

Get it? Tesla? ...Okay....
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