221 New Seeds Are In - jberg18

222 Healing Wave Simply Smiling - Lucky Thunderlane

so ye's just pretty happy and foolishly grinning at himself! :P
223 Healing Wave Is Even More Excited - Lucky Thunderlane

so yea, apparently something made him even more excited! enough to make him utter out the words "omigosh" as a single word! xD
224 - Rad-man

Not enough time today, so my quality suffered, but I am determined to complete an art challenge for once! It's fine as long as I get something done. Also, thanks for the words Phoe. You're pretty rad. :D
225 Are you excited?! - Blueberry

I'm excited!
226 Pleasant Surprise - Roxor128

Fluttershy excited to find that the cat she was looking after has had kittens.
227 Charged - Arcus

228 Extremely Excited - Doublesharp44

Congrats to everyone who's made it to the halfway point!
229 Venn Powering Up - Flippy

230 Great and Powerful - phallen1

231 Atg Day 14 - Alyssa

232 Imma charging my party cannon - FrostyEchidna

I'm not gonna make another DBZ meme reference OK?OK....
233 Over 9000 Volts - TopGull

Sketching this one felt GREAT, but I had to start over on the color and I think I might have gone overboard with the effects. What do you think? Too cluttered? Just right? Pure awesome?
234 Charge Shot - RogueLament

235 Smile - sixhorsepower

236 Click it, I Dare You - Blurredthelines

Something went wrong here while drawing this... :/ also, Cookie Clicker, y u so good?
237 Magic charging station - Quint the Wanderer

All businessponies at the New Magic company have to be excited about their products to sell them better. Like the new Sparkle-coil station, where anypony can come to prevent or overcome the feeling of magical fatigue, or charge themselves up for a day of over-casting! *Side effects may include dizzines, nausea, horn rot. Also a weird thing may happen to your cutie-mark area, we're still researching what it is. Don't worry about your mane changing colour, that will pass. Trying to move the sun will result in a vacation on the moon.
238 Charged Twi 2: Electric Boogaloo - TopGull

Figured I'd upload the sketch too, since I had so much fun with it.
239 Sweetie Bot Fully Charged - LaczkoUr

240 NATG3 Day 15: Full of Energy - Ozepherus

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