21 Applechu - the ironbear

22 Green Lantern Fluttershy charges up - The-rogue-shadow

Based off a scene from the new Rooster Teeth show; RWBY's 'Yellow' trailer
23 But I... - RedCelt

Pinkie: You're giving me these?! Dusk: I haven't decided.
24 FUN! - TheFriendlyElephant

Pinkie Pie exited to have FUN!
25 Pink - Pio21

26 Silver Lining - Daniel Oliver Hartley

27 Pinkiepiefiesta - Gibbontake

Because why not?
28 Sweetie Bot - Tinker

Original, no. Cute, yes.
29 Minna is excited - Aurora Alice Juliet-Rose Nightray

30 Spread your wings, little filly - rainbowtasticarts

"Whether you're learning a technique or spreading your wings for the first time or even just having fun." - Phoe In today's post Phoe gave us a little speech. It motivated me a lot and by this line I was inspired to draw this little Fluttershy who just learned how to fly. (Again with ink, as I Thank you Phoe and all my friends who motivated me and tell me I'm making progression
31 Explosion imminent - Yooyfull

Oh god.. the walls are melting!
32 Ewe are the Best - RFpones

Well, Phoe. Since you made a video telling us how much you appreciate us and cheering us on, I thought it's only fair I (sort of) do the same. You deserve a sheep.
33 So excited you could burst - Pixernosse

34 Recharge complete! (make a run for it) - Mart3323

Decided to challenge my speed with this one (because lazy?, nah, i woke up late today and i want to get more things done =P) Minimal editing throughout, mostly went with whatever came out ...for the time taken i am very happy with this..., i could probably make like 20 of these in a full day o.o I'd just need someone to give me twenty prompts =P
35 Cupcake! - Airtower

After reading today’s topic, I pretty much immediately decided to draw Pinkie Pie. Later on I settled on a DERP sketch, based on one by Feather (please see the image page for the link).
36 Excited Pinkie - WerdKcub

37 Dreaming Secrets - ImpCJCaesar

Rainbow is having a nightmare. Wait. That's not a nightmare face!
38 Upcoming. - RandomCPV

Thank you, Phoe.
39 Twilight Powering Up - Sketch - RePoisn

Hooray for my fourth time attempting to draw ponies I guess. xD
40 Falling Fast - MyriadOfFailure

No, I don't know why she's so excited about falling. Maybe she wants to be a pegasus...
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