41 Bouquet for Trixie - nfm

You're not a laughing stock. Boo for Ponyville's jerks!
42 Pinkie tries coffee - NATGIII day 15 - Whatsapokemon

Yeah, probably not a great combination.
43 Pinkie charge - choirnerd91/Decrescendo91

So THAT'S how Pinkie Pie gets so much energy ;)
44 Joker Pony - FourDream

45 Charged up Sweetie Belle - Hewison

46 There is always a Pinkie Pie - Cloudy

Really now, you can't get more excited than Pinkie Pie. xD
47 Charging_in_progress... - AJxKS35

this is my first submission ever, so i sincerely hope i filled the form right
48 What a Wonderful way to Spend an Afternoon - Tiffany Firman

This was for day 14 "draw a pony lost at sea or draw a pony drifting".
49 Fluttermedic - general mexico

I always feel like fluttershy whenever i have to heal a scout
50 She's so excited - Picanthro

Party on Pinkie.
51 Twilight Charging - GladiusIlluminatus

52 Shocking - Meridas

53 Muffins are Exciting! - GroundedPegasus

A certain wall-eyed, muffin loving pegasus is the reason I became interested in MLP in the first place, so I've given her a thank-you muffin - she seems pretty excited about it! Just a quick drawing from me today as I've missed the last few days due to general busyness and I won't be able to do one tomorrow either. Hopefully normal service should be resumed after that!
54 charging - doomrock24

55 Over - Soratails

56 Charged Up - tablet mode

set phasers to hug!
57 Princess Celestia charging...almost fully charged - Kyoko Krash

Yeah, not much creativity today, but I wanted to draw Princess Celestia. I was going to draw a big sun behind her and have her charged into it, but I got lazy. This took me an hour & a half. I messed up the coloring on her tail, but it was too late to change it. Have a wonderful day! I'm not gonna have much time to do this the next week, hopefully I can but I really don't know if I will be able to.
58 Satan Mane - Silverwisp

59 Confound These Fillies! - Fidelis

60 Never anger a flowerist - Dracorider

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