81 Megapony charged - Fizzban08

82 Day 15 - Scarlet Blaze - Diego Havoc

83 First Steps - Mally Azure

Lyra super excited about being able to take her first steps on two legs!
84 Too much Sugar in the Cake - Corralfur

The titles a pun, 'cause this pony's name is Sugar Cake
85 Mission Start - Tech Burst

86 Happy and excited changeling - CheezSnax

87 Laughter.exe - Xulious

Caffeine is a helluva drug
88 Just add Sugar - Xain Russell

89 Charged AND Excited!!! AND PUMPED, YEAHHH!!! - Aaron Lindsey

Drew this with a couple of non-brony friends. I drew the pinkie pie.
90 charged with power - Soulnar

91 Excited? Aw, geez! - David Lockwood

And you thought I wasn't funny!
92 Power overwhelming - Abyssal Emissary

Look how exited AND charged she is. Or they... Creating not an Archon from Starcraft, but an "Archpon". Difference? The latter is way more great and powerful of course!
93 Woohoo! - Shiki-pon

94 Charged Up - Fluttershy_Z

Sorry, I had to do one of those terrible puns at least once. :D
95 Charging Up - CesarTheKing

A standard base for holo-ponies and Cyberponies. From this base, they can take any normal form that they please, so long as it assists them in their assigned labors. However, every year or so, they need to come in and recharge their batteries.
96 Bursting With Excitement - Kann

97 The Ponifyer Bunny Fingerpaint - MyBoyJ

Continuing the theme of parodying well known images and characters that vaguely fit the prompt, here we have a ponified version of the Energizer Bunny. Because batteries are "charged up?"
98 Elated For Her Students - Lifes Harbinger

You know that feeling of being excited/happy/relief when someone you're helping finally understands the material? Yea, it's pretty great and it's what Cheerilee is feeling.
99 Excited Gummy - Onlysecondplace

100 SweetieBot - Casey

Sweetie Bot's not quite fully charged up yet, but if you give her just a minute or two...
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