121 Oh My Gosh! You like Us! - Theresa

Awww they are so happy and excited that you like them!
122 Sweetie Bot charges up her batteries - CMC_Scootaloo

This is my entry for the 15th round of the NATG from Equestria Daily. The theme for today is "Draw an excited pony/Draw a pony charged up". I had some ideas in my head, Pinkie is getting excited in her typical way or Scootaloo excited because watching Rainbow Dash during her flight training. But, just Pinkie being excited felt too mainstream and uncreative to me and I liked the third idea I had even more than the one with Scoots, so I decided to draw Sweetie Bot that is charging up her batteries. I can say drawing this was a rollercoaster of feelings. I had everything, excitement, anger, relieve, joy and, as last, disappointment. Disappointment because, when I had to look again at a picture for Sweetie's mane and tail, it turned out that I drawed major parts of her sitting body completely wrong. :( I feel down about this, but I hope this feeling will vanish until tomorrow so it will not affect my future drawings.
123 Equestria Daily NATG Day 15 - Kalee

124 NATG 15 - Jerry

125 Jane Doe - ScribbleClash

126 Charging My Pinkie - Emi

127 Pinkie Punch? - January3rd

Not a very good sketch. But I hope she has some sort of energy to her. Also, I draw ponies very bean-like. What's up with that?
128 Circuit Mane getting chaaaarged - Circuit Mane

129 Excited Gasp - Alex Reyes

Not much to say here, other than a really excited pony. Omg i just realized how clear the lines were for once. In the sense that my iphone decided to take an HDR photo that didn't darken every single line made. Now, it's clear and well balanced out :P
130 3rd EQD ATG Day 15 (WIP) - Frostspear

I was going to make an observational comment about how how odd it is for me to seemingly default to League of Legend characters when I have no better ideas considering that I was only introduced to it about a fortnight ago, but seriously; my hand is actually beginning to seize up from this and I am becoming concerned about the rest of the gauntlet. Either I don't do nearly enough arting to handle the sudden workload or I'm wielding the pen incorrectly - probably both. I may require to take it easy for a bit, but this work-in-progress shall have to do for now.
131 EQD ATG 3: Day15 - Andrew "AffinityPony" Beran

**DeviantART must've had some server issues. Everything seems to be working now. *Working around DeviantART submission issues right now. Wouldn't you be that excited if you found a gem of that size? I sure would! The body came out a bit better this time, in fact, I think everything has an overall improvement. I'm not saying I'm done, or that I'm now an expert. I have plenty to learn and to improve upon still. I'm just saying that I'm happy with the progress I've made thus far! Back to drawing!
132 twilight charged up - Jacoo23

133 Pinkie Pie is Excited - cooler94961

134 Soul Resonance - TGYR

135 LETS DO THIS! - Skitz

136 Shiny! - James Dijit

Graveler used Self Destruct!
137 Villainous Grin - Bryan Briggs

Ready to keep kickin but for the second half of NATG? Buck yeah I am!!!
138 ATG Day15 - Open Arms - James

The Stable Dweller excitedly jumps into the welcoming arms of Homage. Littlepip used tackle! Travelling abroad, Homage was taken by surprise when She appeared outside her hotel room door. For the longest time, it was Homage who had visited Littlepip.
139 Lightning - TheAndyMac

Didn't you ever wonder where the name came from?
140 ecSTATIC - AbysmalAegis

Jump for joy. Vault for Voltage.
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