141 Limelight in the Spotlight - FoobWhisperer

142 Apple Invoice - Yoshimon1

AJ: "Mah sister charged you HOW MUCH?!" - Shy: "It's ok. I shouldn't have listened to Angel. He wanted all those apple cobblers..." - AJ: "It's not ok, sugarcube! If she keeps selling overpriced goods like that, our customers will buy their apples somewhere else!" - Shy: "But doesn't every apple stall between Canterlot and Manehatten belong to the Apple family?" - AJ: *scrunchy face* --- How does Fluttershy earn all the money to buy food for her animals anyway? --- Yay for creative interpretations of the theme! Let's see how many other participants thought of "charging money"... --- Also: No Family and Friends discount for Fluttershy? Apple Bloom, I am disappoint. --- 3 hours. Made in Inkscape. SVG can be found on dA.
143 - ScuriLevenstein

144 Waaaay Too Early! - Caresse-par-la-lumie

Way too early for Nightmare night, but these two are charged up from the memory and preparation.
145 Static Adorability - Parmesan

Zappity zap zap! (Rushed... again. Expect lower quality for a bit, due to time constraints.)
146 Sweetie Bot is busy eating - Snowy Flanks

Sweetie bot is charging up for a day of Cutie Mark Acquiring
147 Raw Abilites - Arkhivez

Princess Twilight being charged with energy she hasn't felt since...her entrance exam...?
148 Drop dem beats! - Quagspoo

Whose more charged up than this DJ?
149 Excited Pinkie - Linkman15

Just a happy and excited Pinkie bouncing around.
150 Beatrix is excited to charge up burd with magicks! - Mister Twister

What must one do to get featured around here?? No, seriously, I really want to get featured!
151 SheIsExcite - Kevin

152 - Lee Ji-Yong/RoxanDasher

Please look at my other stuff if you like this! c:
153 Day 15 - Emberstar11

154 Sweetie needs juice - Stratosfire

155 I'M A FIRIN' MAH DEATH LAZER! - petite-dreamer

I have managed to both terrify and vastly amuse myself.
156 Deadly Rainbow - Reinan

Rainbow Dash is all charged up to take down her next target.
157 Spellbound - Amber flicker

Amber uses powerful magic... So her magic is "charged up!"
158 Charge - Ye Ting Wang

having a second colour is fun :D
159 We need to go FASTER! - Silveredchaos

So i have put together Bass Cannon, Pinkie Cannon, Applebloom with Ghostbuster gear, Sweetie Belle attempting a pure Magic Beam, all to push Rainbow even Faster. It'll totally work.
160 This Isn't Even My Final Form! - Michael Walker

Overly-excited pony with charging internal batteries. 'Nuff said.
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