161 Charging Upwards - Mary Kate

162 Bringing Down The House - Melon Hunter

Vinyl Scratch in her native environment, just about to unleash the drop on her club. Not even Pinkie Pie can rival her for excitement at this moment.
163 Pinkie is Excited! - Spark Burst

164 Rain Cloud Helps Out Sweetie Bot - Burnt Circuit

not my best work, but its one of my more clever works.
165 Happy Pinkie Pie - Anthony Barrera

Last minute drawing on a flash card (second on on a flash card). Anyways like how it turned out (dispite how quick I made it). Still here and still going.
166 Charging - Reagasus

Admittedly not what the prompt called for, but I promise, she'll be there in ten seconds flat :)
167 Derpy Hooves - Dressa-Reis

I loved doing the clouds and Her face .
168 Twilight - boyindahaus

169 Science! - Chris Cooke

Well, you can't get much more charged up than with a Van de Graaff generator, can you? Pinkie Pie seems to think so, at any rate.
170 Super Saiyan Pooooooooooooooonii - Rainspeak

171 Pinkie - Santhan

172 The Fiery Kind of Excitement - Nyrx

Not much time for drawing today so here's something simple :u
173 Heavy Roids and Medic Chaser - AaronMk

This is heavy weapons pone, and that is his pocket medic. HIT CHARGE
174 Excited Rainbow - Mane6swag

175 Charged Up (A Hill) - Last Minute

176 All Charged up - SevooHypreD

Excited and charged up with a R/T Charger.
177 YES AppleFwitters!!!! - AniRichie

More Apple Fwittors? Yes. Yes more apple fwitters.
178 Lyra is excited - Brandon Hart

179 The Muffinator - Canvas Painter

Be wary, oh pegasus of cross-eyed breed. For the muffins of our discontent have descended onto the great kingdom of Equestria. They shall test your will with their delicious flavors and smooth words. The muffin of blueberry's haste will tell you too kept to the path straight and narrow, unyeilding in its life. The muffin of cranberry dreams speaks of freedom and chaos, a road only taken by those of short patience. Be wary..beware.
180 SMILE - Jeremy Bensing

Well Pinkie Pie is all charged up and is ready to spread smiles to all of Equestria.
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