221 Circuit Mane running from time - Circuit Mane

222 On the clock - thinkinsideachimney

223 Just A Test - RageThunderMcFist (Dave)

224 Zappy Again - Tobibrocki

Thought I'd make a followup to the pic from yesterday. Poor Rainbow Dash! =/
225 Running Late - RHKirby

Minuette (or Colgate, if you like) running late for something. I can understand the nervousness caused by being late to an appointment. It can really be a bad feeling.
226 Bump in the Night - BlackoakShield

Scared is kind of like nervous, right? I mean, I'd be nervous, walking through the forest at night if I was a magnet for trouble like the Doctor. Lots of firsts for me here: new lighting experiments, new facial expressions, new body pose, and changed up my usual pupil size and direction, just to name a few! Still not enough time to put in all the details that I wanted to...where's a real timelord when you need one? (also, welcome back, Calpain!)
227 PANIC! - Kyouhen

Of course there's a waterfall. There's /always/ a waterfall. Imminent doom counts as being on a clock right? :P
228 This one is both yesterday and today - DarkFlame

I was at a LAN party and college yesterday, so I had to roll yesterday's prompt into today. I think it went alright. And yes, I promise, I did it intentionally.
229 Nervous Apple Bloom - Transparent Pony

230 When I was a little filly - antosheek

Face emotions - if that's the main theme for the next days then I guess I'll break down. Not good at variety of those =)
231 Trixie Doing Time - ABronyAccount

232 The Nervous Clock Cleaner - Tradley

No one told her that she would have to deal with heights in the clock cleaning business.
233 Relativity Dash - Roxor128

Rainbow Dash flies past the town hall at 0.950c. I'll add a version without the Doppler and intensity effects soon.
234 Relativity Dash (geometry only) - Roxor128

Doppler and intensity effects omitted version.
235 ATG III day 16 - JTwardo

236 Proposal - Dream Breaker

237 Cheerilee's Test - HalflingPony

The real question is "who's testing whom?"
238 Nervous - TopGull

239 Time Pony - Raincloudboom

A pony made of all manner of different timepieces.
240 Herpidy Derpidy Dock - Paladin Drakkenwolf

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