241 Dash on the clock - QuicksilverGuard

242 Time - Wafflecannon

Celestia on a sundial (CLOCK) Omnia Sol temperat purus et subtilis
243 Nervous Twilight - Gregdawg

Don't be so nervous Twilight, you're doing a fine job!
244 WHAT WAS THE PROMPT?!? - verulence

Had no time to draw coincidentally.
245 Laughter at the Speed of Pie - Zanefir-Dran

From the introductory scene of "Too Many Pinkies", I now present what the situation potentially would have looked like.
246 - Alex

First drawing ever. :)
247 sdlfkjasdlkfjasdlkfjsadkd - Noah White

In a rush, pony clock nuff said (What in the world did I just do? *facehoof*
248 Appropriate To The Theme - Nyrx

Late and unfinished, could it get any more appropriate? Had to help someone move but wanted to make a digital one and refused to compromise.. and I paid the price :u
249 Pinkie Clock - Frith

Same story as yesterday, but tried to work _faster_! Too much fun, not enough Pinkies. And, if you notice my sketches, you can always drop me a line at frith.dreamwidth.org, anonymous commenting works and there's also OpenID.
250 Closer To My Parents... - CityFlyer502

251 Time Pony - Raincloudboom

A pony made of all manner of different timepieces.
252 Clocking Out - Supercruise

A pony who is afraid of heights, nervously standing on the hands of a clock tower. BAM! Both prompts fulfilled!
253 A nervous Rainbow - h2g2guy

Very shaky hand this evening. I really need to start doing these earlier.
254 Tick, Tock - Shodscroll

255 NatgIII 16 - ShiroHomura

The clock is ticking...
256 Just Playing With A Friend - a[placeholder(pony)]

Whether her friend is imaginary or not, her dad thinks the two of them were being too loud. Sense of scale is all over the place; one more thing to work on... A little too much ambition with yesterday's image, so I had to skip and will be taking a bit from the next few days to continue working on it. It should be ready by the next make-up gallery, if there is one.
257 The Maid's Fortune - Thattagen

askmaryandsue.tumblr.com | Fortune cookies are never wrong. I need to quit slacking too!
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